white mushrooms great for testosterone levels (Mushrooms Inhibit Aromatase Enzyme)

know it might be bit extreme to suggest something as simple as mushrooms can boost testosterone levels. The main reason for writing this article is to show the importance of eating vegetables and how beneficial they can be to your hormonal health. They will always be superior to most testosterone supplements.

One of the most nastiest enzymes in the male body is the aromatase enzyme.

Aromatase is an enzyme that turns androgens (man hormones) into estrogens (lady hormones). It works by converting your testosterone levels into the female hormone estrogen.

So if you manage to inhibit the aromatase enzyme less testosterone will be converted into estrogen. This allows for testosterone levels to increase to higher levels without being diverted.


White Button Mushrooms Inhibit Aromatase Enzyme

White button mushrooms are popular for their health benefits which include supporting immune functioning, cognitive functioning, endocrine and hormone health.

When testosterone levels are increased and reach above the natural threshold , your body has a clever way of diverting some of it – and this process is called aromatization. If aromatase is to active it can cause an over production of estrogen which is what us men don’t want.

There are various studies which have proven that mushrooms can inhibit the Aromatase Enzyme. In theory this should allow us to have higher levels of testosterone levels and less estrogen within the body.

Study 1

In this Chinese study researchers combined the white mushrooms and green tea to  see the effects it would have on aromatase enzyme activity. They discovered that buy combining the two they were able to significantly inhibit aromatase enzyme activity.

Study 2

A 2001 petri-dish study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that in isolated cells, white button mushrooms could inhibit aromatization in post-menopausal women, which in turn reduced estrogen levels.

Study 3

Even though this study (1)  was done on hamsters it shows some more promising signs. It was conducted in 2006 and the team team treated hamster cells and live mice to assess how an extract of Agaricus bisporus would affect estrogen receptors. The mushroom extract did prove to decrease cell growth and decrease aromatization.

In summary

Even thought there is a lack of studies the signs are promising and the powerful health benefits of mushrooms cant be ignored. If you are on the journey to increasing T levels you should be including more mushrooms into your diet. If you cant stomach that many mushrooms you could always try some white mushroom extract (extract link).



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