If you care about having high testosterone levels you must know the role that vitamin D has on your hormonal health. Vitamin D impacts male sex hormones directly. Lack of vitamin D can lead to an imbalanced amount of testosterone in the body. A Recent study shows that men with vitamin D – 30 mcg/L or more – have more testosterone than males who have vitamin D levels from 20-30 mcg/L.

But sadly, men often don’t realize the significance of vitamins and minerals in their body. This becomes evident by the graph below that indicates purchase of vitamins by Australian Men and Women. Men are less conscious about the vitamins they need for their body. But if they realize the effect of vitamin-D deficiency on testosterone in their body, they’ll be more aware about taking adequate vitamins and supplements.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is considered to be a male hormone even though women produce some testosterone. Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone and is produced more in men.  Testosterone is secreted primarily by the testicles of males and small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands.

Testosterone is responsible for having anabolic effects and playing a vital contributing role to men’s sexual characteristics and development. Healthy testosterone levels are also vital for providing healthy libido levels, building muscles and maintaining energy levels.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Physicians and Nutritionists have always been taking Vitamin D deficiency very seriously. In fact, vitamin D is the most suggested supplement by the nutritionists. What alarmed them most is a study by CDC which indicates 90% of US population suffering Vitamin deficiency.

According to NHANES, 90% of the people with darker skin pigments now suffering from Vitamin D deficiency while 75% of the whites are deficient. Sadly, this deficiency is correlated with increased risks of developing autoimmune diseases, common cancers, hypertension, and other infectious diseases, too.

How can vitamin D boost testosterone?

In an average adult male, testosterone is produced by the testicles – between 3-10 mg per day. The adrenal glands produce the rest. Due to the deficiency of vitamin D, men usually, suffer from low testosterone which leads to less desire for sex, fewer erections, infertility, etc.

According to Journey of Military and Veterans’ Health, Vitamin-D has a positive correlation with Testosterone in adult and as well as older men. The main purpose of this research was to identify the significant relationship between Testosterone and Vitamin D.

The study examined new cases of serum Vitamin-D assessment ordered in between January 2012 to September 2013 at Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC. Inclusion Criteria were male military personnel who had Testosterone assessment within three weeks of Vitamin D assessment, yielding about 800 subjects. To evaluate the effect of Vitamin D on Testosterone, General linear model was used.

The result shows that mean serum vitamin-D levels were about 29.2±11.1 ng ml, with nearly 56 percent of subjects in the insufficient or deficient range of <30 ng/ml according to USA military guidelines. Mean total of testosterone levels were 427±177 ng/dl. Test Subjects with the lowest vitamin D quantity had significantly low testosterone levels. When age, BMI and time of Testosterone evaluation were considered in the model of predict testosterone level, the significance of this vitamin was eliminated. The study also shows that vitamin D deficiency might be related to “Hypothalamic-Pituitary Dysfunction”.

How to get more Vitamin D?

Though our body can produce mass amount of Vitamin D itself, by the end of adulthood, the process is disrupted by various internal or external disturbance of organs. That’s why after a certain age, vitamin D produced by your body won’t be sufficient.Vitamin D should be received by sun exposure or taken as a supplement or through any food that provides it.


Vitamin D Supplementation can help to boost testosterone if you are proven to be deficient in vitamin D and testosterone. Since most men spend most of their days indoors there is a good chance they may suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It is also important to remember there are natural remedies to boost vitamin D such as getting plenty of sunshine daily and by eating the foods mentioned above.