Mud, Sweat, and Tears: The Autobiography by Bear Grylls

I started watching Bear Grylls while I was in the military I was drawn to his love for adventure and his passion of living life to the fullest. He seemed to hold similar core values to myself . After discharging from the army, I stumbled upon his autobiography only To realize after reading it his T.V shows don’t do him justice , his even more interesting and likeable after getting a glimpse into his life story.

This book was written in the first person and has a very conversational and warm style. When Bear reveals personal information about his thoughts, fears, etc. during a particular story, it feels like he is letting you in on a little secret. The book is is also packed with a whole lot of heart and soul as Grylls tells of his struggles through life and how he overcame countless obstacles through faith, perseverance and sheer will. From his training in Special Forces, to how he broke his back in 3 places during a parachuting accident only to climb Mt Everest 18 months later, this book will make you cry and laugh (out loud) all at the same time.

This book and its stories contain fantastic life lessons about:

  • Self-respect
  • Knowing your limitations
  • Pushing yourself to your limits
  • Love
  • Value of family
  • Courage
  • Honor
  • Perseverance
  • Dealing with difficulty and fear
  • Patience
  • Learning from difficulty and mistakes
  • Hope

I found it to be very inspiring and his main message is to be positive, persistent, don’t shy away from adventure and do what you love.

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is one of the best autobiographies I’ve ever read. Arnold provides such a great life story and he’s had a very exciting and rich life experience to share. How could a man simply make these plans and then somehow they all came to pass? Well, that’s what happened! Arnold is living proof of the law of attraction.

arnold book total recall

Sure he is self confident and arrogant, but there is an incredible depth to his character. He has an uncommon wisdom. Even if you aren’t a fan of bodybuilding, or terminator, there’s a lot to get out of this book. To my surprise. What leaps out is his hard work, his discipline, and his refusal to pity himself. People are constantly pitying themselves. He demonstrates the true positive aspect of the immigrant mentality – he recognized the opportunities we have and he acted to take advantage of them..and most importantly he worked at it every step of the way. He believed in striving for a sound body and a sound mind.

He was quick to admit mistakes and correct them. He doesn’t sob over spilled milk. He stays positive, he sets out plans, he visualizes. He sticks with things. Reps reps reps. He works to correct things. We’d all be happier and healthier if we followed his principles.


Arnold did all the things that Self Help gurus greats like Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and Grant Cardone recommend:

  • Write your goals down
  • Have BIG Goals…not average goals
  • Pursue them relentlessly
  • Network and Keep Learning.

It’s an INCREDIBLE success story, and everyone should read this book.
If you have children, make them aware of what an Austrian immigrant did to become not big, but HUGE, on many levels.

Did you know the higher your testosterone levels are the more likely you will have the motivation and energy levels to achieve your goals. Also there has been endless discussions and theories how a majority of extremely successful people have abnormally high sex drive. Start taking action and increase your testosterone levels for good.

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