Top 5 Zinc-rich Foods That Will Boost Your Sex Life

Zinc is one of those micronutrients that goes largely unnoticed by the mainstream health community. There is a lot of talk on crucial minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, but zinc is left behind as their ugly bro who is only a nice addition to the group, without much going for him. However, if you think that, you’d be dead wrong. Zinc serves countless important functions in the human body. For instance, it has been well established that diets low in zinc cause reduced the activity of the immune system in humans, making them more likely to catch diseases, viruses, and parasites (Study).

Another common concern with diets low in zinc is acne. A study performed on teenagers reported a significant reduction of acne after they increased the amount of zinc in their daily diets. The same is true for other skin conditions, such as rashes, foot fungus, and sores which can take a lot of time to heal.

The Testosterone Boost

All of these problems can be improved upon by getting more zinc into your diet. But perhaps the most important aspect in which zinc has a powerful effect is sexual performance. Zinc is well known for having the ability to improve performance in the bedroom. Why is that? First of all, zinc improves testosterone production. It does that in a similar way to dietary fats. Zinc basically triggers the body to produce more testosterone, and balance the effects of both testosterone and progesterone. (Study)

With this balancing effect also comes an increase in sperm quality and quantity. This can be easily witnessed by increasing the intake of zinc by 10-20 mg and observing the visual effect of ejaculation. With this natural testosterone boost also comes a boost in libido, which is why zinc is commonly known as a powerful aphrodisiac.

With that being said, perhaps you’re wondering what are the richest sources of zinc that you can include in your diet. That’s what we’ll delve in right now. Here are the top 5 zinc-rich foods you can start eating today:

1. Beef

One of the best zinc sources is red meat, especially beef. In 4 oz of beef, you’ll get 4.09 mg of zinc on average, and also a whole lot of other healthy nutrients. First of all, beef also contains plenty of iron, calcium, and magnesium, making it a balanced package of micronutrients. Of course, beef is a great protein source, with almost 30 grams of protein in a 4 oz serving as well. Another, perhaps less mentioned benefit of beef is creatine. Creatine improves energy, endurance and increases muscle and strength gain. If you’re interested in becoming a bedroom Superman, why not get some muscle benefits while you’re at it as well?

2. Spinach

From the red to the healthy, alkaline greens, spinach is the best green vegetable source of zinc. Just 1 cup of spinach contains 1,37 mg of zinc. At about only 41 calories per cup, spinach is highly nutrient dense, supplying a fair amount of iron as well. If you’re thinking of which green vegetables to include more in your diet, spinach is the top choice.

3. Asparagus

Asparagus is also rich with zinc, but a bit less than spinach. One cup of asparagus contains 1,07 mg of zinc. But it also contains a bit fewer calories as well, at about 39 cal per cup. However, asparagus is a wild card most of the time, since there are many varieties. Wild asparagus is far richer in nutrients than the regular asparagus bought at the store. Sometimes, small markets offer wild asparagus. That type can have almost double the amount of zinc and other minerals and vitamins than the standard store-bought vegetable.

4. Wheat Germ

Wheat germ contains a wide variety of minerals and vitamins, but also a lot of fiber. 1 cup of wheat germ contains 15,4 mg of zinc on average. This is quite a lot, especially when you take into consideration the other health-related benefits, and the satiating effect it can have, making it easier to maintain a caloric deficit while trying to lose weight.

5. Seafood

The best is left for the last on this top 5 list. Seafood is the ultimate libido enhancer and testosterone booster. Oysters are especially potent. Just 6 oysters (42 g) contains 33 mg of zinc. Those are truly impressive numbers, out-performing all of the foods mentioned on this list by far. The trouble with oysters is that they’re rarely on anyone’s daily diet menu, but keeping them as an occasional treat or before entering a sex marathon competition.. or something like that, well it can definitely help!


Whether you’re trying to improve your sex life or want to get the other beneficial effects of zinc, it truly is an essential component for both. Try adding more of these foods to your diet, and before you know it, your wife/girlfriend/friendly neighbor will be giving your erections all sorts of welcoming nicknames.