Have you ever noticed that successful people often have sex more frequently than others? Well, if you have, you probably considered that they’re having more sex because they’re successful, but studies show that it might actually be the other way around.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and it plays an active role in men’s sex drive and sexual performance. Yet testosterone is more than just a sex hormone. It plays a crucial role in your physical development, but it also influences your behavior. Men who do not produce enough testosterone are more likely to have negative moods, to be depressed, and to feel fatigued. On the other hand, men who take testosterone in high doses tend to be more aggressive and they can also experience depressive or irritability episodes.

What Behaviors Can Testosterone Influence?

Well, it seems that testosterone also plays an important part when it comes to influencing how you behave.

  • One study has shown that testosterone is also very effective at reducing your anxiety. This result was first observed in mice, but it has been observed in humans as well. This is a beneficial effect, and it can influence the way you act. People who are not anxious can make clearer decisions.
  • People with low testosterone levels are more likely to be depressed, which can influence their decision making and drive. Successful people have to be able to make important decisions at all times, and depression would interfere with that.
  • Spatial cognitive abilities also seem to be positively influenced by testosterone. Men who experienced a decline in testosterone levels have performed better in mazes and spatial navigation after they took supplemented their testosterone. This very important factor for people who want to be successful because it will allow you to have a better overview of the problem at hand.
  • Testosterone can have a positive effect on your memory and learning. These effects were observed in both men and women in more studies. Testosterone has even been tried as a treatment for people suffering from Alzheimer’s thanks to its memory improving capacities. A study that took place in 2002 linked testosterone to the human capacity to learn strategies and routes. Understanding strategies is crucial for every successful person, so people with higher levels of testosterone will perform better.
  • There is a direct correlation between your weight and your testosterone production. In an extensive study conducted in Australia on 1,382 men during 5 years, it was observed that men who lost weight experienced a boost in their testosterone levels, while those who gained weight experienced a decline. At the end of the study, the men who had more testosterone had also experienced an increase in their self-esteem. It’s not yet clear if the self-esteem increase was determined by how the men saw themselves or influenced directly by the testosterone boost, but it’s certain testosterone played a part in it.



How Can Testosterone Influence Success?

It’s clear that testosterone levels can influence some of our behaviors, but how can testosterone influence success?

Well, the answer is in the type of behaviors testosterone influences. Studies have shown that it can reduce your anxiety and depression, improve your memory and spatial cognitive abilities, and boost your self-esteem. When men accomplish a goal or are part of a successful situation they also experience a boost of testosterone production. This can contribute to a feel good cycle of chasing and completing goals. And we know once you get a taste of success its hard to go back to your low energized unmotivated ways.

These factors can influence the way you make decisions by themselves, and benefiting from their combined effects can surely make you more successful.

Testosterone also influences how a person looks, and people with higher levels of testosterone tend to be fitter, which also makes them more attractive. Everybody finds attractive people charming, which can make negotiations easier for them. The physical effects of testosterone and its capacity to lower anxiety and boost self-esteem increasing the chances of having sex.


It’s true that successful people have more sex than others, but success is not necessarily the reason why. Testosterone can influence both your sex drive and your behavior, so it’s easy to assume that both the frequent sexual encounters and the success are the result of a high testosterone level.

There are only a few studies that focused on how testosterone can influence human behavior, but new ones are bound to reveal more as technology advances. Testosterone can lower your anxiety, increase your self-esteem, memory, and strategic thinking, and it can make you more aggressive. These effects can make the difference between being successful or not.


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