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1506, 2017

Can fish oil boost testosterone levels? (Or another unproven claim?)

Nearly everyone I know has or is taking fish oil supplements. Fish oil seems to be promoted as a the solution for every problem under the sun. It is even promoted as a testosterone booster. What most people don’t know is just because fish oil supplements are popular doesn’t mean [...]

1506, 2017

3 easiest ways to increase androgen receptors fast

It is important to understand the role of androgen receptors especially if you are interested in gaining some more muscle or just looking to jack up or T levels. Androgen receptors play a major role in utilizing fee testosterone. Androgen receptors are the binding site for the androgens testosterone and DHT. If [...]

1406, 2017

Does carnitine increase free testosterone (increasing androgen receptor density with carnitine)

Firstly Carnitine is mainly popular in the body building community for being a weight loss supplement. Supposedly carnitine works by using fat as energy allowing for greater fat loss. In my opinion using carnitine as a fat burner is very questionable and there other smarter weight loss methods you can take that can [...]

1206, 2017

How to increase testosterone levels while losing weight (Does dieting reduce testosterone levels?)

There are many solutions to maintaining high testosterone and libido levels while cutting or dieting. Yes, you can actually increase your testosterone levels while losing body fat. In this post I'll teach you ways you can lose fat without declining your testosterone and libido levels. The connection between testosterone and [...]

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