Increase sex drive naturally and decrease anxiety with Damiana

Damiana is a popular herbal high. It can be smoked or taken as a tea for a mild and relaxing high. Damiana produces a pleasant state of euphoria and a feeling of well-being. It also has a strong reputation as an aphrodisiac and has been used in Mexico as a love potion dating back to ancient Mayan times. Damiana stimulates blood flow to the lower abdomen improving sexual function and sexual satisfaction in both males and females.

The Damiana shrub grows primarily in Mexico and the southern United States, and communities in those regions have used it for centuries. Damiana Tea comes from a shrub. The shrub flowers into these beautiful yellow flowers that are then used for their aphrodisiac abilities. The leaves are then dried and

made into tea. You can buy Damiana seeds and start the process right in your own backyard if you wanted to.

Damiana Increase sex drive

Enhanced sex drive with Damiana

Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries – it boosts your sex drive while at the same time increasing your sexual pleasure while decreasing anxiety.

Damiana contains essential oils, cyanogenic glycosides, thymol and trace amounts of phosphorus. Even though the exact chemical components responsible for aphrodisiacal properties of Damiana have not been isolated, studies have shown that consuming the plant works to slow down the digestive tract and instead rushes oxygen to genital areas. This helps men to achieve erection much more easily and maintain it for longer periods of time. Yet another study claims that use of Damiana leads to greater sensitivity in the erotic zones, especially the genitals, which in turn may help a person to experience greater sexual pleasure.

Related benefits in enhancing sexual prowess

Besides working directly to enhance sexual prowess among men, use of Damiana leaves also offers many other health benefits which may indirectly aid the healthy functioning of sex organs. For ages, Damiana has been used to treat nervous disorders since it is believed to have a positive toning effect on the nervous system. Along with this, the leaves of the herb are also used to decrease lethargy and raise energy levels, all of which are crucial in having an enjoyable sexual experience.

Decreases Anxiety

One of the plant-based biochemical compounds that are responsible for its anxiety-relieving effects is apigen. Apigen is a chemical naturally found in many plants and is known to mimic the effects of prescription anxiolytics (anxiety medications) by binding to and stimulating GABAa receptors. These receptors, when stimulated, send signals that “calm” brain cells and reduce signal firing.

An anxious state, brought about by a busy day and/or certain triggers (financial issues, upcoming deadlines, exams, etc.) can result in a mental state where brain cells are firing too many signals that prevent a person from focusing on one task or relaxing. Therefore, by taking a substance, such as a herbal anxiolytic, a person can temporarily decrease the number of signal firings in their central nervous system and relax.

Increase female orgasm’s and removes frigidity

Damiana is often prescribed by herbalists to correct female frigidity. The herb has a similar mechanism of action in a woman’s body, increasing blood circulation in the genital area. This has the effect of enhancing the sensitivity of the clitoris, and intensifying sexual pleasure.

According to Wellness International Network, damiana also helps revive sex drive in perimenopausal and menopausal women by replenishing depleted testosterone. Stimulating testosterone, the hormone behind both men and women’s sex drives, helps to restore sexual desire and performance.tion of compounds called flavonoids, which are found in damiana leaf.

If you are a woman reading this Including a source of Damiana in your diet has rumoured to help increase breast size. Damiana leaves contain a high concentration of phyto-estrogen (plant estrogen) which will stimulate the tissue in your breasts that is particularly sensitive to increases in your estrogen levels.


Lucid dreams and better sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

If you do Damiana is definitely worth a try as a natural sleeping aid.

Forget all those behind the counter sleeping pills give Damiana a try instead. Due to Damaina’s calming affects on the body, it can help you relax and fall asleep. It is a perfect herbal tea to take after a long days work when you need to unwind and relax.  Taking Damiana before you sleep also has been linked to promoting the occurrence of erotic dreams. If you are into this type of  “lucid dreaming stuff” check this post out (Lucid erotic dreams with Damiana).


These days, you can find dried Damiana leaves in tea bags and capsules. It’s also sold in tinctures, both alcoholic and alcohol-free. Smoking and inhaling Damiana leaves is possible but not advised.

I consume Damiana twice a day, on nights I go out sober I double the dosage, which helps decrease anxiety and increase sex drive giving me a better chance of getting better results with women.

A general guide is to start with 2-4 grams (g) or less of dried Damiana in tea, three times a day. Individual experience will vary, for a full guide on how to take Damiana (Click here).

Side effects

Although rare, allergic reactions to Damiana may occur. Stop taking Damiana and seek emergency medical attention if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction