Lucid erotic dreams with Damiana


I am a pretty superstitious guy and take the ability to be able to remember my dreams seriously. I am one of those wacky guys that believe that our dreams have hidden meanings. I have come to the point where I can basically remember my dreams on demand.  But a majority of my life, let’s say nearly 90% of my dreams before I discovered the Damiana herb have not been of a sexual or an erotic nature.

Knowing Damiana was a relaxant and aphrodisiac it also caught my attention because of its ability to help people have erotic dreams.

Damiana may not introduce lucid dreams 100% of the time, so many factors come into play with having the ability to recall dreams such as fatigue, hours asleep and sleeping environment.  I tend to dream more when I sleep 7 plus hours which I rarely do though.  Bringing Damiana into the picture I now recall 50% more dreams and half of them will usually be of an erotic lucid nature.

I consume Damiana tea or liquid drops every night before I sleep or after work which almost always creates a state of pleasant relaxation and easy sleep, followed by distinct and vivid lucidity within the following dream states.  I have noticed now these dreams tend to have a distinctly erotic vivid overtone, due to damiana’s effects on the sexual system of the body.

Damiana can also:

I also found some conversations online like this one where people report success smoking/ drinking damiana for dream work (Link).

Dreams with Damiana

Dreams just express your emotions; they express what you feel and what you do in real life. that’s why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things that’s another reason why they feel so real! Dreams recall past memory.

Dreams can also influence the way you feel the next day, either in terms of mood or more basic bodily states. Forcing people to remember the nastier dreams from their REM sleep definitely puts them in a foul mood. Whereas Erotic pleasant dreams can in enhance your mood and energy levels.

We all dream every night, about one dream period every 90 minutes. People who say they never dream simply never remember their dreams

My top 6 Tips to have lucid dreams

  1. Go to bed early. Getting a full night’s sleep and having a clear head in the morning will help with dream recall.
  2. Before going to sleep, affirm: “Tonight, I will remember a dream” and think about what you would like to appear in the dream.
  3. Keep a journal handy by your bed and record every dream you remember, no matter how fragmentary
  4. Listen to binaural beats like this one (link). For everything, you need to know about binaural beats check this site out (link). It is an unusual way to enhance the ability of recalling your dreams but it does work for myself and many others.
  5. Drink Damiana tea or Damiana Liquid drops before bed.
  6. Also, take ZMA before you Sleep. ZMA is most often used as a recovery aid; notably, studies show that ZMA helps the body achieve deeper levels of REM sleep.

In Summary

Damiana can help you relax and improve your chances of having a better quality sleep. Due to it increasing blood flow to the genital area it increases your chances of having erotic dreams.  If you Want to know more about damiana we have you covered, feel free to view our other posts about Damina.  If you have any suggestions or feedback about having lucid dreams by using Damiana feel free to leave a comment.