increase testosterone by lifting weights

Want to increase testosterone levels but not sure where to start? What if I told you can increase your free testosterone levels by 40% by just exercising three times a week?

Contribute 60 minutes three times a week and experience a 40% boost of free testosterone levels, sounds like a good deal right?

Contrary to popular belief that weight training only provides a temporary spike of testosterone production. A  study has proven that newbie gym goers that lifted weights three times a week for 4 weeks experienced  a 40% spike in free testosterone levels and a reduction of 24% resting cortisol levels. This is an amazing result considering the participants were not allowed to take any supplements.

This study was done in In 2006 at the University of Extremadura. As the participant were not regular gym goers the gym routine was very basic it consisted of exercises such as the bench press, leg raises, bicep curls and tricep pull downs. Rest intervals were of 3 minutes and the participants worked to 75% of  their one rep max (study).

40% increase of free testosterone levels is amazing considering how basic their routine was. Now consider what would of happen if they performed a more complex routine with more compound lifts and had a testosterone focused diet. Could of they easily exceed the 40% mark? I believe so.

So If you are in average shape or on the heavier side the quickest way to get results and boost T levels is to hit the gym!

What are you waiting for?

Besides increasing your T levels you will also experience:

  • Higher metabolism which will help keep  the weight off.
  • By increasing muscle mass it is estimated to burn approximately 50 calories per day for every pound of lean muscle present.
  • More confidence.
  • Higher energy levels and strength.
  • Become more attractive.
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Feel younger
  • Increase your sex drive

Already in shape? That’s great now just keep in mind whats going to happened if you stop resistance training.

Stay in shape and keep testosterone levels high and cortisol levels low.

Testosterone concentrations of young obese males are 40–50% lower than those with normal BMI according to this  (study). This is more evidence that more fat equals  less T. And if you are a regular reader here you will know that the lower your T levels are the higher your stress hormone cortisol levels will be.

Tip: If you are already in shape start doing HIIT training more often.  High intensity interval training has proven to cause short bursts of testosterone levels during and after your workout. This provides your body with less stress and more chance to recover and repair at a faster rate all while burning fat long after your workout.

If you feel like you have low T levels, or just out of shape and lacking energy you need to get your ass in the gym and lift something. Use it or lose it.  We have this amazing hormone for a reason so now lets use it.