Pomegranate juice the natural Viagra?

Pomegranates are the holy grail of fruits for men. Pomegranates are known to increase testosterone levels, libido, erection quality, prostate health and general well-being within males.

I am not too sure why pomegranate juice has not had the exposure it deserves. Maybe it has to do with conflict interests with testosterone products within supplement industries and magical dick pills. Both which can be unhealthy for you and most are actually not proven to work, let’s not forget about the astronomical price they cost.

The best way to consume pomegranate is via 100% concentrate juice on a daily basis. Positive effects will take place after a minimum of one week.

Increasing testosterone in men

One of the benefits of pomegranates for males is that it may aid the maintenance of muscle mass and physical strength in males. This is because of the increase in testosterone that pomegranate juice may help in achieving.

A study performed in Edinburgh, UK by the Queen Margaret University gave pomegranate juice to 22 male subjects to find out whether there is any effect on the salivary testosterone levels of these individuals. Two weeks later the average level of testosterone of the male subjects had increased by 24 percent on average. If an increase in testosterone levels can be achieved by drinking pomegranate juice daily then this might have positive benefits for men with low levels of test. Especial for men who are middle-aged, This is because their testosterone levels have started to decline causing loss of muscle mass according to Endocrine society.

Increase libido in males

An additional benefit of the increased testosterone that pomegranate juice improves is that it can increase the libido in males. Acting as a natural aphrodisiac, the increased testosterone affects traits in men such as having a deeper voice, facial hair and increased sexual urges.

A study conducted by Dr. Christopher Forest at the University of California was performed on males who experienced difficulties in interest in sex and libido. His objective was to determine whether or not an increase in antioxidants in the diets of the male subjects would increase their sex drive. The 53 male subjects were given pomegranate juice and drank it daily for 30 days. The results that were collected afterward from the participants indicated that their sexual drive and performance seemed to increase after drinking pomegranate juice regularly.

Dr Forest came to the conclusion that the antioxidants contained within pomegranate juice increase the blood flow in the body (to areas such as the male genitals) and as a result, it helped with sexual desire and performance.

Increase erection quality

A large amount of research has already proven that pomegranate juice can improve multiple health markers, in particular, cardiovascular health. Benefits of pomegranates include lowering your blood pressure levels, reversing plaque, improving your lipids and increasing nitric oxide levels. All of these are especially important when it comes to erectile dysfunction. This was confirmed in the International Journal of Impotence Research 2007 where a study of 42 men with ED showed improvements in erectile function.

The reasons for this are as follows:
Plaque Removal – in some men who had atherosclerosis (a disease which is characterized by having fatty deposits or plaque in your artery walls) pomegranate juice was shown to partially reverse atherosclerosis in a study. This was done over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

This study was done men with men who had narrowed arteries due to plaque buildup. So depending on the status of your current health pomegranates may remove plaques from your arteries helping to improve your circulation, in turn helping with erectile dysfunction.

Increased Nitric Oxide – The increased nitric oxide output resulting from consuming pomegranate juice has shown a 20% reduction in blood pressure in research studies. For those wondering what this means, here is all that you need to know – it causes the same effect that viagra does.

Antioxidant benefits

The two plant compounds that have medicinal properties are punicalagins and punicalins.

Punicalagins are strong antioxidants that can be found in the peel and juice of the pomegranate. As a comparison, they are known to have up to 3 times the antioxidant content of green tea and red wine. Punicalins are polyphenols that also have an antioxidant effect.

These two properties have positive antioxidant benefits including being an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases and pomegranates can help fight the following diseases:

The anti-inflammatory effect of pomegranates can help reduce the inflammation in the digestive tract, colon cancer cells, and breast cancer cells.

Arthritis Symptoms and Joint Health
According to the Israeli Medical Association Journal, pomegranates may help decrease inflammation and reduce joint pain in the sufferers of arthritis. The reduction of inflammation also helps stop the damage to the cartilage in your joints.

Reduce Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes
By lowering HDL and LDL cholesterol, pomegranates have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It has also been shown to prevent LDL cholesterol particles from oxidizing which is one of the steps towards heart disease.

Prostate health

According to research from the University of California at Riverside, certain compounds in pomegranate may prevent prostate cancer cells from spreading (metastasizing) and potentially even kill them. Tests on prostate cancer cells that were laboratory-cultured found that these cells were unable to adhere once treated with pomegranate juice. This is important as this is what the cells need to do to form tumors and spread cancer. Since increased testosterone causes prostate cancer cells to spread, the researchers have the theory that the phenylpropanoids, hydroxybenzoic acids, conjugated fatty acids, and flavones in pomegranate juice block the effects of testosterone and stop the process of spreading cancer cells.

The specific blood marker for prostate cancer is called the prostate-specific antigen (PSA for short). Human studies of pomegranate juice on this blood marker have shown positive effects on this blood marker.

Quality of pomegranate powder & which powders to buy

The quality of pomegranate extract can be determined by its punicalagin percentage. What is punicalagin ?

Let’s start from the beginning

Pomegranate contain Beneficial phytochemicals — nutrients found in plant foods — appear to be antioxidants, hormone-like compounds, and enzyme-activating sulfur compounds. Including phytochemicals in your diet helps maintain health and reduce your risk of certain illnesses, such as heart disease, and some kinds of cancers.

The most abundant phytochemicals in pomegranate juice are polyphenols, including the hydrolyzable tannins called ellagitannins formed when ellagic acid and/or gallic acid binds with a carbohydrate to form pomegranate ellagitannins, also known as punicalagins.

Punicalagins are large molecules found in Pomegranates and Pomegranate powder.

They themselves are very potent anti-oxidants, and have anti-oxidant capabilities. This large anti-oxidant value of punicalagins, about thrice that of red wine and green tea, is what brought Pomegranates to fame.

So the higher the percentage of punicalagin and Ellagic acid within the pomegranate powder the more effect it will be.

The highest percentage of Ellagic acid you purchase within powders is 40% I have not yet to find any products containing more than this amount.

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Side effects

There are no side effects in relation to pomegranate juice unless you are allergic to pomegranate fruit. Behavior and physical changes will be due to the increase of testosterone and libido. For example above normal aggression, difficulty falling asleep and funny enough you could also include unwanted erections to this list….   Or is that a positive?