How to take Damiana

These days, you can find dried damiana leaves in tea bags and capsules. It’s also sold in tinctures, both alcoholic and alcohol-free. Smoking and inhaling damiana leaves is possible but not advised. At NH remedies we provide premium Damiana dried leaves.

I consume Damiana twice a day, on nights I go out sober to meet and hopefully pick up women I double the dosage, which helps decrease anxiety and increase sex drive giving me a better chance of getting better results with women.

A general guide is to start with 2-4 grams (g) or less of dried damiana in tea, three times a day. Individual experience will vary, but hallucinations have been reported at doses of 200 g.

Before you learn how to make damiana tea, it’s nice to start by first familiarizing yourself with the benefits of damiana extract. You will be more enthusiastic and committed to drinking your tea once you know what you stand to gain from this.

Damiana Tea

  • The first step is to ensure that you have all your ingredients. You obviously can’t get started until you have the damiana extract leaf with you. You will also need water and cooking containers that can be used for boiling. If you prefer sweet herbal tea, get some honey or sugar to add to the taste of your tea.
  • The second step is to measure the extract that you want to use. Remember, you shouldn’t use too much of the extract since this can easily bring you complications. Once you have taken a measurement of a maximum of 4g of the extract then put this in the container that you will use for boiling. You should then add a cup of water into the container. You should then boil the herbs for an hour.

I prefer to boil the water first and use a tea plunger which can hold the boiled water and herbs at the same time all while filtering the tea when pouring.

Whichever option you choose to use in how to make damiana tea will work. Use a filter to remove the residue of the extract. You can then add your honey at this point to make your tea tastier.


 Damiana liquor

The Damiana liquor is another common and effective way to consume the plant. Here’s how you do it  (Video tutorial coming soon).

1. Mix 60g of dried Damiana leaf for every liter of vodka, and let this soak for at least 10 days.
2. Strain through a meshed strainer and then filter off with a coffee filter.
3. Take the alcohol-drenched leaves and soak them in about 500ml water overnight.
4. Strain and filter the leaves from the water, throw away the plant matter.
5. Gently warm the infused water and add 1 – 2 cups of honey; slowly dissolve the sugar in the water.
6. Mix the infused vodka with the infused honey, and let it sit for 2 – 3 months. After that, carefully decant the liquor and bottle.

Smoking Damiana

I don’t smoke so I cant give you feedback on the effects of smoking Damiana but Damiana can be smoked in a pipe, with rolling papers, or in a vaporizer. According to users, It imparts a relaxing, subtle high that lasts for about a 1/2 hour. Damiana is gentle and euphoric, those that experience paranoia or other side effects from smoking cannabis will love this herbal alternative.