Have you noticed something doesn’t feel right downstairs?

Something not feeling as good as it used to?

If so its okay don’t freak out. Many men have experienced the feeling of reduced penis sensitivity. Men can regain sensitivity of their penis over time and this post will discuss how to achieve this.

Most men discover they have sensitivity issues when they have sex and they find it hard to have an orgasm due to a lack of feeling in the penis which obviously equals less pleasure. This may leave men confused about these sexual experiences and at first, they may not even realize that they are at fault. To make it worse poor sensitivity can actually lead to erectile dysfunction during sexual encounters.

 So what has caused poor sensitivity to your penis? Well, obviously there are many things that could be harming your penis. Here is a list of some causes and ways you can prevent the damage and restore sensitivity.

1. The problem: Death grip / Friction exposure

 The main culprit here is the death grip when you masturbate. When men masturbate they tend to grip too hard and if done too often can be a certain way to desensitize the penis. A man’s hand grip in no way can replicate the feeling and tightness of a woman’s vagina. There are other sources of friction to including rigorous sex, and rubbing against underwear. As the penis is repeatedly assaulted by friction, the skin begins to toughen. The tough layer of skin that forms is not as sensitive as the smooth, soft skin it’s covering.

The fix

To recover from friction exposure there are 3 easy steps you can take.

1: No more death grip: It’s simple until you restore your sensitivity keep your hands away from downstairs. If you are a lonely guy that doesn’t have anyone to have sex with and to relive the tension and you just can’t help having an amazing orgasm I don’t blame you. If you have to release a load you can do so by using a fleshlight.

A fleshlight replicates the feeling of a vagina and is in no way the same as using your hand. The Fleshlight will help keep the friction to a minimum and is one good way to restore sensitivity while still having the ability to provide self-pleasure.


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2: Time to moisturize: There are many moisturizers available that contain vitamins that help repair damaged skin that work in a similar fashion to face moisturizers. Apply moisturizer like (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains nutrients for moisturizing, sensitizing and replenishing the penis. Apply daily after you shower and this will help restore sensitivity.

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3: Wear comfortable underwear: Wear some soft underwear that causes less friction and doesn’t chafe. Also if you free ball start wearing underwear until you recover your sensitivity.

2. The Problem: Drinking

Alcohol is commonly used as self-medication because it has pain-relieving effects. It doesn’t only cause a reduction in unpleasant sensations, though; it reduces the pleasant ones, too. More than a couple drinks can be enough to turn a man off for the night.

The Fix

Well, common sense will prevail here. If you plan on having sex restrict your alcohol consumption. This will save you from having an embarrassing malfunction downstairs.

3. The problem: Poor circulation

Circulation plays a big role in the ability to experience sensations downstairs. For example, falling asleep with an arm under the body can result in temporary numbness in the fingers. Tight clothing, obesity, and even cycling can limit the circulation to the penis and cause loss of sensitivity.

The Fix

To increase circulation downstairs try these 3 steps:

1: Increase your cardiovascular health with exercise: By doing at least 3 high-intensity training sessions a week your body will adapt to your new improved fitness levels and be able to be more effective at transporting blood throughout the body. A healthier heart also means a healthier penis.

2: Increase nitric oxide production: Increasing nitric oxide production allows for more blood flow to be delivered throughout the body. This is done by nitric oxides ability to keep the blood vessels open by relaxing the blood vessels (vasodilation). There are many ways to increase nitric oxide production beside improving your cardiovascular health you can learn how to do so from these posts


4. The problem: Porn addiction

This is more of a psychological problem than a physical one. If you suffer from porn addiction you disrupt the natural pattern of how your brain receives pleasure triggers and how your body reacts to them. Porn not only desensitizes your brain but also your bodies ability to react to pleasure.
The healthier the connection between your body and brain the more responsive your body will be with women and physical conduct.

The Fix

Beating an addiction is one of the hardest things you can do. It will be too hard to give you a detailed guide on how to do so in this post. Besides the usual advice of recommending to just stop watching porn, I know it’s not that simple. I recommended you to read this book (Your Brain on Porn). That book helped me beat my porn addiction a couple years ago.


Even though discovering you are to blame for your sexual frustrations of having a desensitized penis don’t stress too much. You can restore your sensitivity within a couple days or at most a couple weeks. If you can’t resist at providing some self-pleasure make sure you give a fleshlight a try and use a moisturizer daily.