If you have been training for a while you will eventually hit a plateau with your arms. You might be thinking you’re not training enough or you have to follow a new routine to get some new results.

When my arms wouldn’t grow anymore I was trying everything from high volume workouts to lifting to heavy. But little did I know I was already near my peak genetic limits and have been for the last 2 years. Weightlifting is not my number one priority  so I have to be realistic and accept I will not reach my genetic limits.

There is a good chance you have already reached your maximum arms size!

You might be mislead about your potential arms size thanks to the popularity of unnatural fitness internet personalities.

So how can you know your potential maximum arms size?

The method

The method you can use to know your arms genetic limits is very simple.Measure your wrist size in inches and then add 10 inches and this will roughly be your your max arm size in inches. So for example my wrist size is 17 inches so my max arms size flexed should be roughly around 17 inches give or take a little. Your arm measurements only count if you are at around 10% body fat “fatceps” don’t count guys.

So at the moment my arms size in peak condition is 16.7 inches which is not bad at all its only 0.3 inches away from 17 inches and I don’t have the best genetics.

So basically the bigger your joints are the more ability you will have to put on more muscle. Obviously if you have small joins it will look more impressive small joins create the illusion of bigger muscles.

The exception

Awesome genetics if you have great genetics there is a chance you will easily surpass your measurements. For everybody else don’t compare yourself to others there is a good chance you look better than 90% of the population already.

Take away

Dont be too hard on yourself if you dont have 18 inch arms and in my opinion light weights work the best to stimulate growth in the arms. See this amazing video to understand the science why you might benefit more from light weights (Video link). Also if you are confused about your natural limits check out this post (Link).