When many people hear the word “hemp,” the first thing that typically comes to their mind is marijuana. Most people make this correlation with good reason because hemp is the cousin of the infamous herb. Both are derived from the cannabis family.

The major difference between the two is that unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana users that euphoric-high feeling. However, like its cousin, hemp seeds contain various of health benefits for the mind and body as well. One of the greatest advantages of consuming hemp seeds its ability to boost your testosterone levels.

As we age, our bodies begin to change. Due to years of abusing our insides through different ways such as consuming too many fatty foods high in bad cholesterol, putting off exercise, or eating and drinking from plastic, testosterone levels naturally deplete.

There are many prescription drugs flooding the market to address issues of low testosterone. However, the best way to combat low testosterone is through diet.

All foods have unique vitamins and minerals that nourish our bodies in different ways. Just like people associate milk with calcium and bananas with potassium, no one food is created equally. In terms of giving the body a well-rounded amount of essential vitamins and nutrients, hemp seeds need to be one of the top items on your grocery list for a testosterone-boosting diet.


The most glaring benefit of consuming hemp is the fact that these tiny seeds are a complete protein. That means that hemp seeds are packed with all 20 amino acids. This includes the 9 essential amino acids that are bodies are incapable of producing on their own. What makes amino acids-rich foods so important for a testosterone-boosting diet is that they are the building blocks of protein.

Speaking of protein, hemp seeds contain a high concentration of it. With one tablespoon boasting 5.3 grams worth of protein, sprinkling some seeds on top of your granola is an easy way to get some extra gains in the weight room.

Not only do hemp seeds contain an exorbitant amount of protein and amino acids, there are many other vitamins and minerals contained these plants that can help replenish testosterone levels in men.  Here are some of the key ingredients in hemp seeds that are pivotal for optimal male health:


This mineral is responsible for over 300 bodily functions within our bodies, including hormone production. One of magnesium’s primary tasks is to increase the amount of free testosterone within the body.

Approximately a mere 2 percent of testosterone in our body is considered free. For such a low amount in our body, free testosterone is extremely powerful. It is the reason for fuller beards, increased muscle mass, higher endurance, and stronger sex drives. However, it’s not the most plentiful type of testosterone in our body.

Upon entering the bloodstream, most of the testosterone that our body creates finds itself bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Therefore, these hormones are not considered free. When the SHBG enzyme attaches itself to testosterone, it prohibits the body from benefitting from the hormone, essentially zapping testosterone of all its strength.

In-vitro studies have found that magnesium frees testosterone from the clutches of SHBG. With 48% percent of your daily recommended intake of magnesium available in 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds, this complete protein food is ideal for free testosterone production.


This mineral is considered one of the 24 minerals essential for the survival of humans. What makes it so important to incorporate more zinc-heavy foods into your diet is the fact that your body does not produce zinc on its own. We need to consume it.

Zinc is such an effective mineral because of its ability to clean up debris left behind by dead cells, facilitate DNA production, and boost the immune system.  This essential mineral is also a key component in the production of testosterone.

A study was conducted with wrestlers who took 3 mg/kg supplements of zinc everyday for over a month. The athletes were asked to exercise as scientists calculated their testosterone levels. The amounts of testosterone in the subjects increased as compared to those who took the placebo.  Hemp seeds are a great source for zinc as 3 tablespoons contains 23% of your daily recommended intake of the mineral. Add a few spoonfuls to your next workout shake for more positive weight-room results.


Hemp seeds boast more polyunsaturated fatty acids than any other food. 75-85% of the seed contains these “good fats.” Our bodies need a 3:1 balance of omega-6 over omega-3. Hemp seeds boast that perfect balance.

Omegas are healthy fats that are ideal for strong cardiovascular health. Although it is ideal to not over consume PUFA some studies suggest it may affect testosterone production in a negative way. But these studies don’t take in the consideration of the sources the PUFAs are coming from. Foods like hemp seeds nutritional benefits extremely out weight the negative of containing PUFAs, remember if hemp seeds are the only source of PUFAs you consume in the day it will have zero negative effects on your T production and you will only reap its nutritional benefits.

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Okay now I got that off my chest back to talking about the benefits of omegas.  As our bodies break down essential fatty acids, it releases nitric oxide into the bloodstream. This gas is necessary to clean out the toxins clogging the pathways of our arteries. As the pathways get cleaned out, more blood is allowed to flow freely throughout the body, including to the penis. As you can imagine, this makes for stronger erections.

As erections get stronger, so does confidence, sex drive, and sperm production. All of these positive results lead to higher testosterone levels. One study with male buffalos found that the effects of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids resulted in an increase in testosterone secretion and semen quality.


L-Arginine is a lesser known amino acid that can do wonders for managing low testosterone. Much like when our body breaks down omegas, as our body digests L-Arginine, the byproduct is nitric oxide. As mentioned earlier, this gas opens up veins for increased blood flow.  Hemp seeds contain a higher amount of L-Arginine than most foods, making them one of the best heart-healthy foods on the shelves.


Once you add hemp seeds onto your shopping list, the next step is to add them to your diet. Hemp seeds are extremely versatile. They can be boiled down into an oil or butter, made into a milk, or ground down into a fine flour.

These protein-packed seeds can be sprinkled on top of granola, mixed into a yogurt, added to a smoothie, or drizzled on top of a salad. Their nutty flavor stands out when roasted, and add a unique flavor when sprinkled onto popcorn.

Hemp seeds have great versatility in the kitchen and an abundance of nutrients for the body. Adding a few tablespoons to everyday meals is a great way to not only pack in some complete protein, but to boost your testosterone as well.