I have just finished writing my first Ebook “Libido Fuel” and wanted to share a recipe with my readers that will help skyrocket your nitric oxide production. Drink this smoothie every day to experience stronger erections and improved sex drive.

This smoothie contains ingredients packed with nutrients which have been scientifically proven to increase Nitric oxide production.

Increased Nitric Oxide levels will result in:

  • Increased erection quality
  • Increased overall circulation throughout the body
  • Increase vascularity
  • More Energy
  • Increase sex drive
  • Improved Alertness
  • Increased testosterone production

Red seduction Smoothie

I’m going to make it easy for you to know what foods to select when you go shopping next time by sticking to a Red colored theme with this smoothie.

The 4-foods used in this smoothie are of the color red. The exception being the dark chocolate which is optional. Yes, the famous seduction color RED. Start eating or juicing these foods and your erection strength will improve. This is because the foods used in the recipe contain a high number of compounds that help increase nitric oxide production.


  • 2 cups diced watermelon – Watermelon contains a lot of the amino acid L-Citrulline which is turned into L-arginine in the kidneys after supplementation, L- arginine is one of the best natural compounds to increase Nitric Oxide levels which has been proven by various studies.
  • ¼ -cup of Pomegranate Juice concentrate –  A large amount of research has already proven that pomegranate juice can improve multiple health markers, in particular, cardiovascular health. Benefits of pomegranates include lowering your blood pressure levels, reversing plaque, improving your lipids and increasing Nitric Oxide levels. All of these are especially important when it comes to erectile dysfunction.
  • 1 Baby Beetroot (approx 100g) – Beetroot contains a large number of nitrates, actually, it has one of the highest nitrate counts in all of the eatable plants. Nitrates are converted naturally in the body to Nitric Oxide and at the same time beets are capable to lower your estrogen levels by acting as a methylate.
  • A handful of Cranberries – Cranberries may be small but defiantly pack a punch with a high amount of nutrients. Cranberries also have the ability to increase the production of Nitric oxide and can lower high blood pressure.
  • 1 row of Dark Chocolate – Nitric oxide found in dark chocolate is also known to be linked to increased blood flow into the penis for healthy weighted men which means better quality erections. Also Dark Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. Aim for purchasing dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao.


Put all the ingredients in a blender, and pulse blend for around 45 seconds and enjoy.

Try this smoothie once a day to optimize your sexual health.

For you, fitter males don’t be surprised if only a couple minutes pass and you notice your veins are more visible due to the increased blood circulation (This is a good sign). Also don’t be surprised if your erection quality skyrockets the night of consuming this smoothie.

Effective nutrition is one of the main factors to increase your sex drive and erection quality. And the Good news is you don’t need any MAGIC PILLS.