Reduced penis sensitivity won’t just destroy your sex life it could also destroy your confidence and even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes men are not even aware they have a desensitized penis. Men might gradually notice that during intercourse their erection has become softer. Until eventually one day they even experience erectile dysfunction.

Have you reached a point where you are experiencing erectile dysfunction? Or maybe you have delayed ejaculation?

Well, the good news is you can reclaim your penis sensitivity within a short period of time.

How to tell if you have poor penis sensitivity

Erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation can be a very embarrassing experience for men. It’s a fact that most men have no clue that poor penis sensitivity is the main reason behind their sexual problems. If you are not sure if you have poor penis sensitivity here are some warning signs to look for.

1: You lose erection stiffness during intercourse

2: You cant stay hard wearing a condom

3: You can’t ejaculate via oral or during penetration

4: You can’t feel anything

The main cause of poor penis sensitivity is the death grip

What is the death grip? The death grip is a term created to describe masturbating with an above normal grip tightness that far exceeds the expectations of vagina tightness. This will lead to difficulty feeling enough sensation during sexual intercourse to achieve an orgasm or maintain an erection.

The outer layers of your skin and nerves of your penis may experience damage due to friction. If unnoticed or ignored it can lead to a very temporary, mild redness or soreness. When this skin damage heals the new cells may form much thicker, building up an additional barrier between the nerves. This means you will need more friction to receive similar kind of pleasure you once did, this process can continue leading to a crippling cycle.

The Fleshlight can take care of these aspects for you, reducing friction, and providing sensations that are far more similar to a vagina than you could ever replicate using your hand.

Increase penis sensitivity with a fleshlight

The biggest step to restoring penis sensitivity is to stop masturbating with your hand. In fact, the quickest cure is to stop masturbation all together until your sensitivity is restored.

If stopping masturbation seems like an impossible task which for most of us it is, the ultimate solution is a Fleshlight. By using a Fleshlight you still can experience self-pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms while restoring your penis sensitivity. A  Fleshlight is a brand of sex toy used for male masturbation. It is shaped like a flashlight, thus the name. It is also designed to replicate the sensation for a real vagina. There are a  large variety of fleshlights with a variety of textures, tightness and so on. Here are some major reasons to choose a  fleshlight  to help aid in restoring your penis sensitivity and improve your sex life.

1: Simulate the feel of real sex (no more death grip!)

The fleshlight is a great alternative to using your hand. You won’t just be saving yourself from damaging your skin but with the fleshlight, you can actually come close to replicating the feeling of a vagina.

2: Provides variety 

By visiting their website you can discover a wide range of varieties. Just as women have a large variety of dildos now men can have a large section of their own sex toys.

Visit the official Fleshlight website


3: Be discreet and portable.

The fleshlight also provides discreet shipping and offers smaller discreet versions.

Screenshot from the fleshlight website

4 weeks to increased penis sensitivity

Here is an easy to follow guide to increasing your penis sensitivity within just 4 weeks. Just remember the easiest way to get results is to completely leave downstairs alone for at least 1 month. But if you can resist the Fleshlight becomes very convenient.

Week 1:

Restrain from all self-stimulation although sex is allowed. This will give you a jump start in the process. In the meantime this a good time to order your fleshlight and continue to do some more research. I recommend reading another article I have written  called (How to increase penis sensitivity)

If the temptation is too much do your best to divert your energy elsewhere. Do some exercise, get creative make some libido recipes or even start a new hobby.

Week 2:

Your fleshlight should have arrived by now and the good news is you get to masturbate once this week. But once only and by using the fleshlight! These first 2 weeks will be the hardest. If you don’t find it difficult then you might actually enjoy the extra energy you have from preserving your load.

Did you know on the 7th day of no ejaculation your testosterone levels spike up to 145%?

week 3: 

This week you will only masturbate twice. The first time using the fleshlight. You will then have a minimum of 2 days break and then you can masturbate using your hand. Yes, you can use your hand. This will allow you to notice the progress and if your sensitivity has increased since your last time using your hand over 2 weeks ago. But make sure you use some chemical free lubrication.

week 4:

From week 4 you are allowed to masturbate as often as you like but only by using the fleshlight. If you are not happy with the progress start the 4-week cycle again.

In summary

Poor penis sensitivity can leave men embarrassed, frustrated and can even lead to erectile dysfunction.  There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing this issue but the most common reason for poor penis sensitivity is due to the death grip.

The fastest way to reclaim sensitivity is just to keep your hands away from downstairs until sensitivity returns. But if you can resist the temptations the fleshlight is the perfect solution to reclaim sensitivity while being able to enjoy yourself.

By following the weekly routine you will experience greater sexual satisfaction and improve your sex life. During the 4 weeks routine sex is allowed and is encouraged. And if after 8 weeks you are still feeling numb it is highly recommended you see a doctor.

Visit the official Fleshlight website