Does green tea reduce testosterone levels?

There are some bizarre claims when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. One of these claims I recently read is that drinking an excess amount of green tea can decrease testosterone levels. Sounds crazy right? A drink that’s meant to be extremely healthy for us can actually be harmful to our health. But is there any truth to this?

As a big tea drinker, I had to dig up some information to see if this is just some scare tactics and if it’s even something to worry about.

The reason people are claiming that green tea reduces testosterone levels is because green tea affects androgen levels in a dose-dependent manner.There is evidence that an excess consumption of 5 cups or more a day might actually do some harm to testosterone levels. Firstly who drinks 5 cups a day that is a large amount of tea drinking.

A study published in the September 2011 issue of the “Indian Journal of Experimental Biology”found that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day, for 26 days reduced testosterone levels by around 20%. 

There seems to be a lack of studies with human participants. Other studies on rats suggested that green tea could lower testosterone by interfering with a pathway involved in testosterone synthesis. The problem with these studies is that they involved exposing animal cells to amounts of green tea far greater than someone could ever drink (study). And in humans, you won’t be reaching doses that even slightly impact androgen levels.

Another concern of drinking green tea is it contains a large amount of fluoride. The cheaper tea in most cases the higher the fluoride content will be (study). Consuming large amounts of fluoride has been linked to lower testosterone levels and disrupted thyroid hormone production.

If you are drinking less than 5 cups a day should you worry? Considering the amazing health benefits of green tea I would suggest if you are drinking less than 5 cups a day not to stress about it. Let’s not forget the proven benefits of green tea such as reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, …

If you want to play it safe you can also stop drinking green tea and try some libido-boosting teas mentioned in this post (Best 5 teas that will boost your sex drive).