Does Boron increase testosterone and how to get more in your diet

Everything we eat or drink is a nutrient by nature, but our bodies’ demand for each substance is unique. We consume some of them in great chunks (these are the so-called macronutrients, our primary source of energy), and need just a minuscule amount of others (micronutrients) to stay in good form.

But these microscopic fellows impose a truly gigantic effect on our health. And guess what? At least one of them can skyrocket the effectiveness of your workout sessions. It can enhance your muscle build up, letting you gain easier and faster. It can kick up your strength and endurance to the skies.

Its name is boron, one of the most powerful ways to boost your testosterone level naturally. Scientific studies have long confirmed this fact, and today we’ll share this valuable information with you.

What is boron?

On the universal scale, boron is a quite rare element. It’s found mainly in the form of borates (oxidized forms of boron) and other compounds, such as boric acid and borax. Generally soluble, borates can be found in rather high concentrations in the water of certain regions of our planet.

Although humans don’t need much boron on a daily basis (just 2-3 mg), this element is essential for any plant, as it plays a great role in preserving the integrity of their cell walls. Multiple studies have confirmed that boron is essential for many aspects of human health too, but the element is still to be further researched, and its official recommended daily intake amount has yet to be calculated.

Benefits of consuming Boron

Without a trace of doubt, the list of boron’s benefits for your health is just huge, but let’s take a look at the most impressive traits and numbers.

  • Boron is essential for your bones’ and joints’ health. A study has shown that the incidence of arthritis in areas where people consume 1 mg (or less) of boron daily is as high as 20-70%, while areas with an average boron consumption level of 3-10 mg have an arthritis incidence of 0-10%.
  • Boron enhances wound healing by promoting cell proliferation and showing potent antimicrobial effects. For athletes, this means that boron could speed up post-workout regeneration.
  • Boron can significantly improve your attention, perception, memory, and manual dexterity.
  • Boron may lower risk of cancer development, specifically prostate, lung, and cervix
  • Boron can significantly boost up your testosterone levels. And since this is one of its abilities that are most loved by athletes and bodybuilders, let’s dig deeper into the matter!

How boron may increase testosterone levels

Taking just 10 mg of boron daily was confirmed to boost free testosterone level by 22% (from an average of 11.83 pg/mL to 15.18 pg/mL) in just one week, as well as drop down estradiol and sex hormone binding globulin levels. Moreover, a longer-running study (7 weeks, compared to just one) has confirmed this information.

Another study, which analyzed the effect of boron on cardiovascular risk in healthy males, revealed an increase of 15% in testosterone levels after 4 weeks of taking 10 mg of supplementary boron on a daily basis.

Boron’s way of elevating testosterone levels is still not fully understood at the moment, but scientists believe that this effect depends largely on the element’s ability to decrease the plasma level of sex binding protein, besides also imposing an apparent direct action.

5 best food sources of Boron

Now that you have an idea of the powerful benefits that boron might have on your testosterone, it’s time to finally learn about the best natural sources of this element! Actually, this will be a huge advantage for you, as statistics affirm that half the population of USA consume less than a milligram of boron daily.

Want to get ahead of your competition and boost up that testosterone? Here are the top five food sources of boron to include into your diet.


One of the most nutrient-dense fruits in the world, avocados are a powerful source of boron too. In a 100 g serving you will find around 2 mg of the element, which is more than half of the recommended daily amount (3 mg). Avocados are also the richest plant source of omega-3s.


This food is the ultimate leader in natural boron. 100 g of raisins will provide you with whopping 3 mg of the micronutrient, which is just enough to cover the believed daily dose. Besides that, raisins are also super easy to carry with you, being one of the best options for a healthy snack on the go.


All nuts are a good source of boron, but perhaps Brazil nuts are the best option with around 1.7 mg in each 100 g you consume. Just like the above-mentioned raisins, this delicious food is your best pick for a quick bite on the run. Alternatively, you can add them to your breakfast oatmeal or crush and spread over salads.

Peanut butter

With as much as 1.92 mg of boron in every 100 g of the stuff, peanut butter is great for quite a lot of other reasons. It has a high satiety index, provides you with a significant amount of proteins, and is, in general, one of the best pre-workout foods. And yes, it tastes just fantastic when combined with a bit of jam.

Green vegetables

As boron is an essential nutrient for all plants, green vegs weren’t left aside. The highest amount of boron is believed to be inside broccolis, lettuce, and iceberg salad, so you should never skip on those three. Or even better, never skip on any vegetables at all!

Boron in supplement form

So, as you see, there are plenty of great (and totally delicious) natural sources of boron around us. But alas, it’s still rather tricky to meet the daily 10 mg dose, which was scientifically confirmed to result in a significant boost in testosterone.

After all, you can’t eat 500 g of avocados daily, and even if you can – this most likely wouldn’t be the wisest move on your caloric balance.

That’s when boron supplements enter the stage and shine with all their magnificence.

Usually, boron supplements come in form of capsules or drops, but sometimes they might be part of a protein shake or other supplement. In terms of chemical structure, there are two main forms of boron supplements on the modern market:


  • Ionic Boron: The most basic form of the element: its quintessence, you might say. This form has to be consumed in larger doses, as it is absorbed less efficiently than chelated boron.
  • Chelated Boron (Aspartate, Citrate, etc.): Much easier to absorb, much more efficient to consume. The effects are just the same, but the dosage is significantly lower.


Boron is a micronutrient that can boost your testosterone level by almost 30% in an absolutely natural way. The best sources of boron are avocados, raisins, nuts (especially Brazil nuts), peanut butter, and green vegetables. But it’s still hard to reach the confirmed threshold (10 mg daily) that would impose a significant effect on your T-levels, so you might consider additionally taking some kind of boron supplement. In general, it is better to opt for the chelated form of boron, as it is absorbed more effectively by the human body.