Does beetroot extract increase nitric oxide production (Natural pre-workout Human Beetelite review)

Tired of trying pre-workout supplements that are harmful to your health?

Looking to take a healthier more natural approach to improving your fitness and sexual health?

If you are still looking for that extra kick in the gym or even something to increase your sexual health the good news there is a natural supplement that can do both.

Beetroot extract supplements such as “Beetelite”  have been promoted as a natural non side effect pre-workout/performance supplement. But the truth is this extract can be used for many other purposes.

Why beetroots?

Beetroots contain a high amount of dietary nitrate (Study). Consuming more dietary nitrate means that you will also be enhancing the natural production of nitric oxide which occurs in your body. What does this actually mean and how can additional nitric oxide boost your performance in the gym and in the bed?

Nitrates are swallowed and converted to nitric oxide in the acidic environment of the stomach. It can also be absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract and then re-enter circulation as nitrite. Unlike the production of NO from arginine, the production of NO from nitrate does not require any co-factors and is also independent of oxygen.

Beetroots can help

  • Improve Recovery time
  • Increase Endurance and Reduce Fatigue
  • Increase muscle pumps in he gym
  • Improve erection strength and size

Why I tried beetroot extract

I have been drinking beetroot juice for a long time now due to experimenting with creating recipes for my Ebook “Libido fuel”. I experienced amazing results with juicing beets so I thought would give it a try in an extract form. And since I stopped taking pre workouts many years ago I thought Beetilite would be a great safe supplement to use before the gym. I am not a fan of the ingredients in traditional pre workouts as they can be a hazard to your health.

It would not be justified to compare beetroot extracts to caffeine packed pre workouts. But while using beetilte I did experience a boost in endurance in the gym. The most noticeable sign that it was working was the amount of vascularity in my arms. My veins looked like a roadmap. Even though it did provide a boost in performance the downside is this stuff is not cheap.There have been quite a few studies done investigating the effects of beetroot on performance and endurance. Most of these studies have involved the use of cyclists. One study using trained cyclists had them consume 500mL of beetroot juice, which equated to 6.2mmols of nitrate 2.5 hours before exercise. They then proceeded to do two time trials – a 4km and a 16km ride. In the 4km time trials there was a 2.8% improvement and on the 16kkm time trial there was a 2.7% improvement in time.

The problem with this study and most studies in regards to beetroots is that it is a study done on beetroot juice and not beetroot extract. Though one thing that is consistent throughout studies its that the More NO in the blood during exercise appears to reduce the amount of oxygen it takes to produce energy, creating a type of “fuel efficiency” that could potentially improve exercise performance.

When juicing beetroots it is recommended that 300-500mL of beetroot juice provides the amount of nitrate needed for the average person to increase their blood nitrite. You experience the effects of the juice one to two hours after consumption. Beetroot supplement companies tend to push the idea that just going out, buying your own beets and juicing them doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the benefit. They believe that the nitrate content of vegetables (including beetroot) varies significantly according to the soil it’s grown in, the time of year, the fertilizer used, and how soon after being picked the beets are juiced. I beg to differ though. I have been juicing beetroots for a long time in Australia and always get amazing results from my beetroots. And at the end of the day juicing beetroots for immediate consumption is a more pure source of nitrates than extracts. Extracts lets not forget also have some slight additives and have been sitting around for months.

Yes, beetroots extract works but To be honest I don’t see myself buying beetroots in extract form again and will just keep juicing my beetroots. Both methods work well though.

There are a few brands of popular beetroot juice extracts now available on the market one of the most reliable brands is beetelite . Beetelite even though targeted towards athletes can still be beneficial for overall health and sexual performance.

If you decide to try beetroot extracts, I recommend looking for a supplement with 90 to 100% pure beetroot extract. Supplements with additional ingredients in it may decrease the effectiveness of the product or lead to side effects.

Beetroot the natural Viagra

Lets not forget about the power of increasing nitric oxide production and its ability to skyrocket our libido. How can a simple vegetable achieve this affect? Again it comes down to smoothing of soft tissue, also called as vasodilation, which allows for an increased blood flow into the area. It’s the same mechanism that has made Viagra so popular.

Why stop with beetroots?

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There are many studies proving that beetroot juice does increase nitric oxide production therefor improving performance, endurance, cardiovascular health and sexual health. There seems to be a lack of studies done on beetroot extracts though. Beetroot extracts merits mainly comes from many positive user testimonies. In theory, beetroot extract should work and provide to be a rich source of natural nitrates.

I can honestly say it does provide a slight boost in endurance and cardiovascular health. The main downfall is the price. If you don’t want to spend that much on a natural supplement there is no problem with just heading down to your grocery store and buying some beets to chuck into your juicer. If you feel like getting creative with your juice recipe you would benefit from my recipe Libido Fuel Ebook.

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