I have been taking Cayenne pepper for a couple weeks now and have been amazed by its benefits. Firstly noticing my Vascularity going through the roof, my veins on my arms looked like they were going to rip out of my skin this week.

I have good news I have a combination of 100% natural ingredients that will sky rocket your erection quality instantly.

I already knew the benefits of cayenne pepper and ginger. But after reading an interesting story on a forum about a man who was advised by an African voodoo herbalist to take them together in powder form I thought I have to give it a shot.

So recently I have been taking half a teaspoon of cayenne powder and ginger powder as advised on the forum.

And boy haven’t I been surprised, I have been noticing the results sometimes within a couple hours.

So why Cayenne pepper?

Cayenne is high in nutrients yet low in calories and may even perk up your metabolism slightly. The heat from cayenne comes from a substance called capsaicin, Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to Capsicum. Cayenne is so medicinally powerful that it’s one of the few spices to show up in the American Illustrated Medical Dictionary, the Merck Manual, and Materia Medica. They have it named a rubefacient, local stimulant, counter-irritant, gastric stimulant, and diaphoretic. As a local stimulant, it’s found in many sexual enhancement supplements.

But Don’t run out to the supplement store just yet though because you can get the same benefits by using cayenne pepper supplied in your local supermarket.

Sexual Health Benefits of Cayenne:

  • Increases heart action but does not raise blood pressure.
  • Dilates blood vessels allowing increased blood flow throughout the body, especially the major organs
  • Stimulates tissue growth and regeneration making the sexual organs stronger and more efficient for men and women
  • Aids in longer lasting erections, stronger ejaculations
  • Promotes all the secreting organs in men and women
  •  High levels of vitamins A, B, C, G, iron, and calcium.
  • It contains magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium.
  • Cayenne is a powerful rubefacient, meaning it helps the body remove toxins from the blood.

The effects of cayenne for some can be felt after consumption while the effects of the heat and increased circulation are beginning.

Cayenne Pepper can by spicy for some. Try ¼ of a teaspoon in some warm water and eventually work your way up to ½ teaspoon twice a day.

Cayenne pepper strength is measured in Heat Units.

There are quite a few different kinds or varieties of cayenne powder. All have a different Heat Unit ratings.

  • Grocery store spice variety is roughly 4000 hu’s
  • There are others that you can purchase from herbal stores that will get you up to 10,000 hu
  •  Very good varieties that are rated at 30,000 hu
  • Then we start breaking into the upper range of the peppers. which come in at 90,000 hu
  • African Birdseye which have a 180.000hu rating (Don’t try this one)

Cayenne pepper is HELL CHEAP and is very accessible. This is a major reason you don’t see supplement companies selling or promoting cayenne supplements even though it works better than most of the other supplements out there.

So, there you have it. Cayenne pepper is literally one of the greatest health and erection secrets in the world. It’s also remarkably inexpensive.


But it gets better! Time to introduce ginger into the picture

Ginger has been used for centuries as a highly effective aid to digestion. But its classification as a natural aphrodisiac and comes largely from its ability to increase circulation. I recommend consuming it in the ground/powder form.

Ginger helps to increase the flow of blood around the body and into the genitals, this is because of gingers ability to dilate the blood vessels so they are wider and able to carry more blood. Research shows that ginger can help increase blood flow in every corner of your body especially to the sex organs, which can help erections and sexual desire.

It is also known to trigger some placebo effects on the body, by improving your experience of sexual stimulation.

 Amazing historical facts of Ginger:

  •  Confucius was never without ginger when he ate
  • The Portuguese would feed ginger to their slaves to encourage them to increase their sexual activities to increase the slave population
  • The Kama Sutra mentions Ginger as one of the best to bring success in love through aphrodisiacs, herbs, and spells.

Your Turn

Interesting right? Now its time to give it a try.

These 2 ingredients will increase circulation throughout your body and help with improving your erection strength and quality. Try  ½ teaspoon of ground ginger in warm water twice a day, feel free to mix it up the same time as the cayenne pepper for maximum results. Let me know your experiences with this little recipe.

Note: I recently discovered they have this combination in capsule form. This will help if you cant handle the flavor of the powdered extracts (supplement link).