14 08, 2017

Top 5 popular Vegan Foods that Can Boost Testosterone

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It’s not a secret that many vegans have less bioavailable testosterone than their fellow meat-eaters (or omnivores, for a fancier touch). Moreover, scientists have confirmed that even if you’re not a vegan, you can lower [...]

11 08, 2017

Hemp Seeds an amazing Vegan Testosterone booster

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When many people hear the word “hemp,” the first thing that typically comes to their mind is marijuana. Most people make this correlation with good reason because hemp is the cousin of the infamous herb. [...]

11 08, 2017

Raw Cacao an Amazing Nitric Oxide Booster

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Have you ever wondered if chocolate has any health benefits? Turns out that it does! But this is true for raw cacao as opposed to regular cocoa. Raw cacao is an amazing nitric oxide booster [...]

8 08, 2017

Can Caffeine Boost Testosterone Production

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Ah, coffee. Most of us can’t imagine their life without this beverage. Coffee is the real black gold of the modern era, the universal fuel that keeps us going in the crazy everyday rush, the [...]

8 08, 2017

20 foods that boost testosterone (testosterone diet)

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Testosterone is what separates the men from the boys. As a boy goes through puberty, he begins to produce more testosterone. This essential hormone is what leads to the growth of body hair, the production [...]

6 08, 2017

Hibiscus an amazing herb for men (Hibiscus great for treating erectile dysfunction)

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There’s simply not enough discussion in the mainstream about the varying health issues that affect men. This would change if only there was more promotion of the natural therapies available. As such, the visibility gaps [...]

26 07, 2017

Soy and Testosterone (does soy decrease testosterone?)

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It’s not hard to find a variety of soy products on our supermarket shelves and specialty stores. Soy milk, soy cheese, soy sauce, soy yoghurt, soy flour and soy protein powders are some of the [...]

20 07, 2017

Testosterone production and Probiotics (Best probiotics for men)

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You’ll find bacterium not the most popular topic of conversation when we talk health and fitness. Yet those tens of trillions of microscopic living organisms in our bodies known collectively as bacteria are some of [...]

19 07, 2017

15 Anti-Estrogenic Foods (testosterone optimized diet)

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Estrogen isn’t a bad thing. It’s the yin hormone to the yang hormone known as “testosterone.” Our body naturally produces both hormones. What distinguishes a male from a female is that the male hormone scale [...]

16 07, 2017

10 foods that lower testosterone (Testosterone killers)

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“Food is medicine.” The belief behind this quote is that whatever you put into your mouth as nourishment can have a lasting effect on your body. The reason for this is that everything, including us, [...]