14 10, 2017

Testosterone smoothie recipe and why testosterone supplements dont work

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You know all those dodgy testosterone supplements that claim to boost your testosterone? I am hoping by now you are aware they dont work. And I hope you haven't spent too much on purchasing T [...]

12 10, 2017

What is varicoceles and how does it reduce testosterone

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You may have heard of varicocele previously, the dreadful condition that bloats your testicle(s) and results in pain, infertility, and reduced testosterone. But do you know the truth about this disorder? For example, do you [...]

5 10, 2017

Signs of high and low testosterone levels

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Think back to the days of early puberty. It seems like forever ago that hair was sprouting under your armpits. Your voice started deepening. Attractions to others started developing. Getting older was an exciting experience. [...]

4 10, 2017

Testosterone hacks – 3 surprising ways to boost testosterone

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Testosterone is the staple of any man’s health. But when it comes to boosting it effectively, most folks tend to resort either to powerful supplements or even testosterone injections without thinking too much about the [...]

29 09, 2017

Adrenal fatigue and testosterone

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What happens when you lift too much weight or walk for a really long time? Your muscles get tired. Similarly, when an endocrine gland in your body is forced to produce an abnormally high amount [...]

24 09, 2017

How Antioxidants May Increase Testosterone Production

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Everyone knows by now that oxidative stress (also known as “free radical damage”) within cells is what causes them to slowly wither away and die. It’s a simple fact of life – we are able [...]

21 09, 2017

How crash diets can reduce testosterone

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Since when is crashing a good thing? You wouldn’t want someone to crash your party. How about experience a crash landing? And who doesn’t love crashing their car? Exactly. So, why would a crash diet [...]

14 09, 2017

13 Scientifically proven Ingredients that boost testosterone

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Testosterone to a great extent, is what makes a man. It dictates our behavior, it helps us in building muscle, it ensures our fertility. Hell, it even affects the amount of hair we have! No [...]

12 09, 2017

How Mercury Decreases Testosterone Levels

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In its pure form and at room temperature, mercury is a liquid metal, also called quicksilver. The liquid metal has been in use for many years in thermometers, barometers and switches. It is sometimes used [...]

12 09, 2017

How to instantly boost testosterone within minutes

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If you are asking yourself what is the purpose of testosterone, just think of the manliest activities you can imagine. All of them are fueled by testosterone. In terms of evolution, it is a substance [...]