I have written many articles about Chinese herbs and how they have been used to promote optimal sexual health for centuries. Another Chinese remedy for low libido is acupuncture. With Chinese medicine, a low libido is seen as an imbalance of Qi (energy) within the organ systems, specifically the Kidney and Heart system. Depending on the patient’s individual health history and current issues, (stress, recent childbirth, weight gain, pain, etc…) acupuncture points and herbal formulas are chosen to help the patient regain their inner balance specific points are stimulated to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to strengthen both the mind and body to bring you back to prime sexual health.

Here is a list of Sexual Health problems that Acupuncture and traditional medicine can help:

  •     Diminished Libido
  •     Vaginal Dryness
  •     Infertility
  •     Menopause
  •     Premature Ejaculation
  •     Low Sperm Count
  •     Diminished Sperm Motility
  •     Impotence
  •     Male Climacteric (menopause)

One of the most appealing qualities of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects. While conventional medicine may treat some symptoms of lowered libido it can a have a number of significant side-effects.

With acupuncture, they are able to treat a person’s whole body and mind, rather than just a symptom. Having balanced energy within the body is something most people ignore or are unaware of. Combining acupuncture with traditional herbs such as horny goat weed, Maca root, and Korean red ginseng can increase the rate you heal your sexual health and body.