Bodybuilding Natural limits and setting achievable goals

There is no better feeling than achieving your goals. But there is nothing worse than seeing people falling way short of their goals and giving up. When it comes to body transformations, a majority of people set their goals too high, due to being mislead by the fitness community about what is achievable naturally and how long the transformation process takes.

There are many great blogs about the limits of a natural bodybuilder. I have provided a collection of blogs by successful fitness personalities.  These are very reliable resources to use to determine your transformation goals.

Scoobies Natural Muscle gain Calculator

From one of the original fitness channels on youtube Scooby has created a calculator to determines our potential naturally limits. Just enter you details you might be surprised with the results.

Check it out here (Link).

OmarIsuf How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally? (The Truth)


Vitruvian Physique Youtube Personality Article

Article by respected fitness blogger Marc Perry. I highly recommend following article:

Take away, Reaching your Natural Limits

If you have low testosterone levels it is a fact you wont reach your natural limit.

Testosterone is essential to the development of lean muscle mass. This increase in muscle mass is accomplished through a biological process known as protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process through which amino acids are converted to proteins by recruiting ribosomal RNA, messenger RNA, transfer RNA and a number of other enzymes. Testosterone serves as a catalyst for protein synthesis, the higher testosterone levels are in the body, the greater the effect of protein synthesis. It is simply impossible to develop lean muscle mass without this process.

If you want any chance of reaching your natural limits, obsessing over your testosterone levels is a must. If you are looking for ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels naturally you are in the right place. Learn more about testosterone (here).