The slightest of lifestyle changes can dramatically change your life and your perception of yourself. Most guys are average in all areas of their life. They may exceed and be above average in one area such as financial status or looks but might be average or below average in other areas.

This blog is for the guys who dread the average lifestyle and knows they can achieve more  with their life.  If you are over the mediocre lifestyle It’s time to start taking responsibility and create a lifestyle you deserve.

Things average people do

This list is a reminder to myself of what to avoid and to create an archetype of the average person. This list can also be used to help prevent you from relapsing into your old ways.

If you’re reading this and other content on my blog you are probably already above average. Most average people don’t take action or don’t have the thirst for knowledge, hence they wouldn’t be on this website.

Things Average people do

  • Don’t improve themselves physically or psychologically and don’t realize this is a never ending process
  • Get caught up in the lives of celebrities & Television shows
  • They dont care about their hormone levels
  • Let others make decisions for them
  • They think their burdens are the heaviest
  • Never take responsibility and blame others for everything
  • Never chase after their dreams
  • Cannot take risks, they settle for comfortable/average
  • They need others to motivate them
  • Don’t have social freedom (meet women whenever they like)
  • Are not disciplined and do not have self-control/willpower
  • They always settle for instant gratification over long term satisfaction
  • They use the words hope and luck way too often
  • They lack the desire to seek for their owning meaning of life and live on their own terms.

This list can go on and on, feel free to add to this list in the comments area.



The average male is 176 cm tall and weighs 85.2kg with a waistline of 37.8 inches. A waistline of 37.8 inches  is massive in my opinion, I don’t know much healthy guys with a waist line of 37 inches. Aim for anywhere between 32 to 34 inches and it will dramatically change your appearance. If you look healthier you will generally be healthier.

A mans body is a reflection of his mind”.

Try to make it an obsession to turn your body into a well tuned machine that brings you closer to your goals sooner than later.  To do this you have to have a a little obsession with eating foods that increase your performance, testosterone, sex drive and participate in different exercise programs on a regular basis.

As for appearance to the opposite sex it’s good news you don’t have to be obsessed with the gym to be attractive to women. Muscles mass will help you but only to a certain extent. If you are above average in all areas of your life it will definitely make up for not having a cover model body.

Quick fix

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week & get a gym member ship and  personal trainer if you are a newbie. Remember you just want to look better than the average guy you don’t have to look like an Adonis, this won’t take long give yourself 6 to 12 months.

If you’re all skin and bones look at putting some weight on and muscle mass. Don’t rush this process or you will end up looking like a skinny fat person.

Here is  a little look at the difference of what some muscle mass can do (my personal transformation)

before and after Nick Ferraro

Testosterone plays a great role in body transformations and general well being. I encourage men to have a little obsession with increasing their testosterone levels its one of the most vital hormones. “It’s what separates the men form the boys”. This website is dedicated to enhancing your testosterone levels and sex drive naturally, you will find everything you need here to achieve this.


Since we have already discovered that average guys are most likely to be overweight that means it is very unlikely they will have a desirable jaw line due to holding too much fat around the face.

Don’t underestimate the value of having a chiseled jaw line. It usually indicates that you have a decent body. Jawlines and symmetrical faces are found to be related to desirable qualities such as high testosterone, good health and high intelligence.

Scientists also believe that high testosterone levels responsible for the men with this facial feature may have strong immune systems and therefore be a good catch from a genetic perspective hence they will be more attractive to women.

Quick fix

Your face stores fat which varies depending on each person. Drop below 12% body fat to start really losing fat from your face. 1 to 2kg of weight loss can create a dramatic difference. For example have a look at my photos there is only 2 kilos difference between the photos.

jaw line 2

2kgs heavier with a much puffier face

jaw line 1

2kgs lighter with a much more defined jawline

If you are overweight you can grow a beard to create the illusion of not having such a puffy face and of having higher testosterone. This option would mean the beard would be there to stay or until you lose some body fat. Just do yourself a favor and lose the extra body fat


Financial Status

To design the lifestyle we desire our financial status is crucial.

The average Australian salary was $57 400 on August 2011, this does not consider people who work part-time. When you bring part time workers into the picture, the average wage drops to $56 300, and the median drops to $48 000.

You only have to make above 80k a year to be in the top 20% of income earners. That’s fuck all considered you have a whole lifetime to achieve this!

Average people rely on a salary for a living wise men will have more than one stream of income. To have lifestyle freedom having multiple passive incomes is a must.

I have a whole blog about how the average guy can increase his net worth (click here).

Relations with women (Social freedom)

How many of your friends are good at meeting women? I’m not talking about meeting women within your social circle or while getting wasted on the weekend.

I’m talking about how many guys you know can meet women anywhere and pick them up.

“Cold approaches” you see someone attractive and you just approach them and start a conversation and attempt to get their contact or take them home.

Close to no guys attempt to do this right? You could say Maybe 1 in 10 guys. Fuck I think it’s so rare these days especially with social media apps for girls to get hit on during the day. Some girls I approach seem a little shocked at first “because no one does it”.

Have a think about all your mates and consider how many of them do this?

So if you want to meet more women all you have to do is approach women on a daily basis even if you get rejected keep trying it takes practice. Just by doing this you are already better than the average guy. The average guy will make no approaches a day. keep it up  and you defiantly will have no problem with getting into a relationship or getting laid whenever you desire.

Cold approaches are a great way to build confidence as well. At first you will be nervous and even a bit shaky but through out time you should eventually build I don’t give fuck attitude and have very little nerves.

You will eventually realize that the walls don’t exist

Once the interaction is over you will never see the person again and come to the realization that no one’s life has been affected. If anything you will just laugh it off and she may be a little confused but who cares right?

Social Freedom

Average men only have 24 sexual partners throughout a lifetime according to studies. If you approach a minimum of 2 girls a day that would make 728 approaches within a year. If you only get digits of 10% of the women you approach that’s still 72 contacts within in a year. That’s a possible of 72 dates with an only 10% conversion rate. Now remember the average guy only has sexual relations with 24 women and probably never meets the women of his dreams because he didn’t have the balls to approach her.

Having the ability to approach people comfortably can be a life changer. You give yourself the ability of social freedom. Having social freedom will save you from:

  • Plenty of ugly drunken nights out (relying on booze to be social)
  • Relying on others to go out and socialize
  • Plenty of lonely nights at home
  • Being in a toxic relationship
  • Depression

I have experienced all the above for many years. I was trying so hard to excel financially and physically I kept telling myself social freedom was like a myth and I didn’t have time to focus on it . I kept reassuring myself by telling myself there are more important things to focus on but in reality I was just making excuses to hide the bigger issue.

Once you make the decision that social freedom is a  major priority for you, don’t half ass it go all in. You become better at whatever you focus on”.  Reorganize your priorities, for myself I have put social freedom over fitness and going out with mates in the last 6months. To my realization after awhile  I figured out I can still do it all and you can to. You just have to become obsessed with time management  and have above normal obsession at becoming better than average in all areas of your life.


I’m not the best guy to be giving style advice. My Care for style is very low, if you’re like myself just keep it simple be color coordinated, get haircuts often and take pride in your appearance.

Don’t blend in with the herd. Once upon a time I grew a beard I was proud of this beard, until the hipster trend started to really kick off and everyone started growing beards. Multiple guys within a bar would have beards, this is when I knew the beard had to go I didn’t want to get mistaken by a trend follower.


If you don’t want to look like everyone else you can wear something more edgy or classy. If you’re going to wear more edgy clothes, make sure it doesn’t go against your character. Hence don’t wear a bandanna if you are introvert or soft spoken guy.

Take pride in your appearance when you go out and it will naturally build up your confidence.

If you seem to overlook the importance of the way you present yourself to others but are also success driven, I would highly recommend reading. The Brand Within: The Power of Branding by Daymond John ( The Founder of FUBU and Investing guru)


This book is a game changer for the average guy. I read it once every 6 months just as a reminder of the importance of the way I present myself to the world. (This is not an affiliate link)


Start taking charge of your lifestyle. Refer to the what average people do section on a regular basis so you don’t relapse into your old ways.


  • Don’t be the rich guy that doesn’t have social freedom
  • Don’t be the  Casanova that is a financial loser
  • Don’t be the good looking guy that cant get laid

Are you following me?

Wouldn’t you rather be above average in all areas of your life ?

The guy that has it all ?

By being above average in all areas of your life  people will see you not as the above average guy but as the guy that has it all. 

That’s the beauty of it you will have it all and you don’t have to be perfect you just have to be better than most guys, which is easy because most guys don’t even try .


Kind Regards

Antonio Ferraro