Best Condoms for larger girth

This post is for all the confused men who have above girth measurements downstairs and not sure which condoms to buy.  There seems to be a lack of guidance for men with larger girth cocks. I know from personal experiences when thinking on the terms of a larger penis most people generally think of a penises length and no one really talks about girth size. In my younger days, I never knew I  had larger girth than most men until realized after some funny and confusing sexual experiences. Most regular condoms can usually accommodate large length penises and larger condoms are generally for men with larger girths.

Firstly What is considered to be a large girth sized penis?

Studies tend to consider average girth to be 4.97 inches and large girth is considered to be from 5.5inches upwards. Anyone that has above 5.5inches girth may struggle to fit into normal sized condoms have a look at the chart below to see where you fit in.

girth penis average


Signs of wearing wrong sized condoms


As mentioned above there were a couple years where I had no Idea I was walking around with a well above average girth sized cock. I still reminisce about embarrassing moments when on many occasion during sex where my condoms would break, I thought this was normal because of thrusting too hard “how was I meant to know lol “. There were times where women commented about my size but I naturally thought they were just trying to build my ego up so I never took them seriously.


Condoms should be snug and comfortable not tight.  If you are on the higher end of the girth percentage regular condoms can be so tight they can be uncomfortable and actually ruin your erection as they do for me. There will be times where you head to a girls home and you might have to use condoms she provides and in most cases, they will be regular sized condoms. So it’s a good idea you make sure you are always carrying your preferred condoms with you. It doesn’t help that most stores don’t sell larger condoms or a variety of them so don’t be stranded with regular erection killer sized condoms!

What Condoms I use now

Once I started buying correct sized larger condoms I noticed immediately the lack of variety there was. No fancy ribbed, or studded condom types for us. To make it worst most condoms I tried usual were a lot thicker as well, meaning less of the natural feeling you get from the extra thin condoms they make in regular sizes. Sex wasn’t as enjoyable with these thick condoms Until I finally stumbled upon Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom brand that has a pretty decent thin larger girth condom. To this date its the best feeling condom I have ever worn and comes the closest to wearing nothing at all. The problem is that larger sized condoms are not in high demand so most physical storefronts won’t have what you are looking for. If you have worn something thinner please post the brand in the comments area.


Lifestyles Skyn Large Condoms

  • Premium polyisoprene material provides softer, more natural feel than latex.
  • Clinically proven to enhance sensation.  Much higher satisfaction scores among users than latex!
  • Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom.
  • Long-lasting, ultra smooth lubricant enhances the experience.


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The back Up Last Longer in bed

Here is the secret or you could say a quick tip to improve your performance in bed. When I want to last longer in bed what I would do is sometimes wear a thicker condom that has less sensitivity which gives me an ability to delay orgasm. Along with my Skyn  XL Condoms, I also carry around the Durex Xl condoms which is a little thicker but also fits very well ” it’s not to thick like magnums and other larger brands”.  So these 2 condoms are a great pair the Durex condom can delay orgasms and once you are ready to climax you can switch back to the skyn Condom for a more sensitive orgasm.