It’s a simple weird trick anyone can use for a small boost in testosterone and that is to…

“Sleep in the nude”

The reason your testicles hang from your body and don’t reside inside it like a woman’s ovaries is that they need to be a few degrees cooler than the rest of your body. Your amazing body is doing its thing to keep the temperature “down under” regulated so you can make effective sperm to procreate. Now if your crotch climate gets too consistently hot all the time things slow down especially production and motility. For some guys, this can be an issue. And it’s not an uncommon practice for men with fertility issues to have the Doc tell them to loosen their underwear ….or don’t wear any.

Knowing that testosterone is produced primarily when we sleep and that it is produced in the testicles… then it becomes even more important that they work and maximum efficiency during that time. It’s for that reason it’s a good idea to sleep naked to ensure coolness. Another factor is the temperature of the room. How hot or cold the room is can have a big factor on your testosterone production and something you should definitely consider before you catch some Z’s

Reduces Cortisol and burns fat

At night, the production of the growth hormone increases while cortisol — the stress hormone — decreases this is why it so important to get high-quality sleep with the least interruptions as possible.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that lowering your skin temperature increases the depth of your sleep and reduces the number of times you wake up in the night. Stripping down to your birthday suit is a great way to lower your skin temperature without changing the temperature of the room. Also sleeping in colder temperatures ‘brown fat’, a healthy fat found in the neck, is activated. This good fat will help you burn calories while it generates body heat.

Apparently, only under 12% of people sleep naked. I have been sleeping naked for the last 3 years and if someone wants me to wear clothes there is a good chance they will be mysteriously coming off during the night.

Another benefit especially if you have a partner is “Sleeping naked encourages sex and sexier relationships are happier relationships.” 

Waking up in the morning or in the middle of the night with skin on skin contact leads to more intimacy and hopefully and overall happier relationship.

Going commando

If you are comfortable sleeping naked and want to take it a step further you can try going commando regularly.

But really? A lot of guys do it just because it “really” does feel better no wedgies, ever, no wadded up boxers, things stay way less sweaty and you can catch that nice cooling breeze in the summer when you’re wearing shorts. It can be kinda edgy sure, but who really cares what others think right?

Here are some Studies about the correlation testosterone production and temperature “down under.” (study, study)

When you experience higher levels of testosterone you’ll build muscle easier than ever before, watch the fat melt off your body, and feel your sex drive go through the roof – so you really owe it to yourself to investigate further by dropping your daks.