Beetroots- The Most Powerful Nitric Oxide Booster

Beetroots: The Most Powerful Nitric Oxide Booster

Beetroot is so easily purchased today that we take it’s benefits for granted. And there truly are some amazing effects it can have for your health, libido and training performance. Like most vegetables, beetroot contains it’s fair share of antioxidants, it’s rich in vitamin C and a plethora of minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and zinc.

However, the main aspect of beetroot that separates it from the rest of the vegetable kingdom is the high amount of dietary nitrate (Study). Consuming more dietary nitrate means that you will also be enhancing the natural production of nitric oxide which occurs in your body. What does this actually mean and how can additional nitric oxide boost your performance in the gym and in the bed? Let’s find out.


Benefits Of Nitric Oxide On Athletic Performance

1. Improves Recovery

What nitric oxide essentially does, is improve the blood flow into muscles. It performs this action by relaxing the smooth tissue and allowing more blood to get into the area. This is the same mechanism that allows nutrients to get into the muscle. This is a quite straightforward process, and the more nitric oxide you have circulating in the muscle tissue, the better off your recovery will be. As a result, you will be able to train more often, and also not have to worry about sore muscles from doing heavy lifting in the gym.

2. Increases Endurance and Reduces Fatigue

Another reason why NO is so powerful, is due to the endurance boost it provides. The main reason why we get tired during cardio or after a long training session is often not due to the muscle becoming tired. It has more to do with depleted oxygen reserves in the blood. In this scientific study (study), beetroot was shown to increase running performance of the tested subjects, especially during the last 1.1 miles, while the placebo group was losing speed as a result of fatigue. All of this shows just how powerful beetroots and the corresponding nitric oxide production can be for athletic performance.

3. A Vein Popping Muscle Pump

With the increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscle, comes an amazing muscle pump, that exceeds the normal pump you get in regular circumstances by a long margin. More blood flow to muscles will allow you to push for extra reps. In the long run this can lead to increase muscle gorwth. It is also a great feeling, and makes you look optimally impressive while at the gym, and for a few hours after leaving it.

Beetroot – The Natural Viagra

Often reffered to as the natural Viagra, beetroot has been used to improve sex drive throughout centuries. How can a simple vegetable achieve this affect? Again it comes down to smoothening of soft tissue, also called as vasodilation, which allows for an increased blood flow into the area. It’s the same mechanism that has made Viagra so popular. Increased blood flow allows for a rock hard erection, which is guaranteed to impress the missus.


There you have it. Beetroot is one of the top choices you can make for all-out increased performance, and has a wide array of vitamins and minerals which can take your healthy lifestyle a step further as well. I hope this article will motivate you to eat a slice beetroot today.

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