bee pollen increases testosterone

Looking to boost your libido and overall health naturally? Before you try some dodgy testosterone booster supplement you have to give bee pollen a try. Bee pollen is a amazing gift from nature which can help improve testosterone levels, reduce stress and improve fertility in men. There have been over 20 studies that have proven that bee pollen can increase men’s sexual health.

What is actually contained in bee pollen which makes it one of the best natural libido boosters? 

Bee pollen contains:

  • A large percentage of antioxidants
  • Flavonoids which help your body absorb the antioxidants more efficiently and put them to better use
  • Is packed with zinc
  • Cortisol reducing vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  •  23 percent of protein
  • Essential fatty acids

Bee pollen increases testosterone, reduces stress and improves sexual health

Bee pollen is one of nature’s complete foods as it is packed with all the nutrients our body needs. Taking bee pollen will result in a healthier body and a greater sex life.

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in bee pollen help to reduce stress, therefore it will also increase testosterone production and libido. Due to it being packed with antioxidants and zinc it may also help increase sperm count, therefore playing a major role in boosting fertility in men.

Bee pollen improves prostate health

According to a study conducted by the University of Wales which was about treating prostate problems with bee pollen. The men with prostate problems were obliged to take a daily dose of pollen for six weeks. More than 90% of the men enjoyed total relief from the symptoms after the experiment ended (study).

Studies believe this is because bee Pollen has also shown to reduce prostate swelling due to its abundant anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammation is one of the things that cause the prostate glands to swell. So what pollen does is to reduce the inflammation and the swelling will basically go down.

 Which bee pollen should you try

Bee pollen is all about being pure and natural so it is important the harvest has not been exposed to pollutants. It is essential to source your pollen from a company that can guarantee its purity in writing. Apparently, according to studies (which I could not find), the purest bee pollen can be found in New Zealand.

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Men tend to try all these weird tricks and supplements to help improve their testosterone levels, libido or even try to cure erection dysfunction. Once knowing about the benefits of bee pollen it is really hard not to give it a try. Especially since it is affordable and provides so much health benefits that supplement cant. I love natural remedies to improve sexual health and vitality once I heard about the benefits of bee pollen I bought some straight away. Just before writing this I even found some in a small town in Spain “got pretty lucky there”. I haven’t bought any from online yet but this seems to be the go-to product (product link).