Erectile dysfunction can be a condition that can be humiliating, frustrating and can even lead to depression. The good news is there are many natural remedies to cure erectile dysfunction. I have been asked numerous times about my opinion on the bathmate and if it can help cure Erectile dysfunction as it claims. So I have dug around to see if there is any merit to this claim and most importantly provide an unbiased opinion for my readers.

There are a number of factors that can cause ED. To understand if the bathmate is the answer to your problems you need to understand that psychological and physical conditions or both are among the main factors when it comes to ED. When it comes to Psychological issues there is a good chance the bathmate is not going to help. Although it may help boost confidence due to its ability to increase the users’ penis size.


Psychological factors are usually the main culprit when it comes to ED. Psychological problems can range from fear, lack of confidence, guilt, sexual anxiety, depression, and fear of intimacy.


Physical factors that lead to ED can leave men confused especially due to these factors rarely being discussed. Common causes include:

Many of these causes can be linked to poor health and lifestyle choices although it is still common for young fit men to experience erectile dysfunction.

Is it possible that the bathmate can cause erectile dysfunction?

If I am going to provide an unbiased opinion then I also have to discuss if the bathmate may actually cause erectile dysfunction. Does it? Well, it doesn’t! In fact, it is helpful at giving you a healthier penis if used correctly.

As discussed above a number of factors can cause ED. Your psychological and physical conditions or both are among the main factors. The chance of a bathmate being the cause of your ED are slim to none unless used irresponsibly.

Bathmate may actually be one of the safer options

People may go to great lengths to cure their erectile dysfunction and even try harmful medications and even go through surgery. Scientists recognize that the bathmate is one of the safest options to consider for men trying to cure erectile dysfunction.

How does the bathmate  work

The penis is divided into three chambers, two on top of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa and a smaller chamber on the bottom called carpus Spongiosum. When you are aroused these chambers are filled with blood to give you an erection.

The healthier your chambers are the more blood flow is allowed into the penis providing a healthier and stronger erection. This Is where the bathmate comes into play. By using the bathmate you expand the size of these chambers which allows for more blood flow into the penis allowing for healthier and stronger erections.

Does bathmate help cure erectile dysfunction?

The theory of how the bathmate works make sense that it may help treat ED. This is only if your ED is related to physiological problems that affect blood flow into the penis. One thing is for sure is that the bathmate does have its advantages when it is compared to other treatment methods. Which are:

  • Lower risk of complications compared to other ED treatments
  • Cheaper than most ED medications
  • It can be combined with other ED treatments

Ways the bathmate  can cure erectile dysfunction

 Increase blood flow into the corpora cavernosa

The penis is composed of three cylinders the bathmate will help expand the top two cylinders/chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) allowing for more blood flow into the penis. This is important because in some men suffering from ED the blood flow in these chambers may not be as fluent as it should be this can be due to health conditions.

Increases girth allowing for more sensitivity during sex

Over the last decade on numerous forums penis pumps such as the bathmate have reportedly have proven to be able to increase the girth of the penis. If your ED is related to poor sensitivity during sex a larger penis girth will make sex more pleasurable and increase the sensitivity of the penis due to their being more friction this may help treat erectile dysfunction related to sensitivity issues.

Increase confidence and remove sexual anxiety

A permanent increase in penis gains from just using the bathmate alone seems to be questionable. But one thing is certain is that temporary gains in length, girth, and erection quality moments after using the bathmate are guaranteed. A large penis can definitely help men overcome sexual anxiety and boost confidence. This may not be a long-term fix for ED but it can be used as stepping stone in the process of curing ED.

 Ways the bathmate can make erectile dysfunction worse

Reduce penis sensitivity

After searching through years of pages on forums there seems to be evidence that if you use the bathmate too much and for too long it may reduce the sensitivity of your penis. But this loss of sensitivity is not permanent. Sensitivity has reportedly been able to be restored within a week of having a break of the bathmate. A lack of penis sensitivity can cause ED or make it worse due to creating a lack of physical pleasure during sex. To help restore penis sensitivity check out this post (How to restore penis sensitivity).

Penis Injury

It is obviously important that when you use a bathmate or any device with your penis you follow instructions and play it safe. Never go into a full routine as a newbie. In ultra-rare cases, the bathmate when used irresponsibly may cause damage to the penis. Considering how many bathmate units have been sold the injury rate is very low. Never use the bathmate while on drugs or intoxicated.

How to use bathmate

Regular users recommend that no matter your previous experience with vacuum-assisted pumps, you start with the lowest suction level possible and gradually increase the amount of suction each week as you progress.

Start by using bathmate once a week working up to 4 days a week. Treat it like you would with the gym. Don’t overtrain and always have rest days. Yes, you can overtrain your penis with the bathmate assure to allow time to recover.

Bathmate is the safest option when it comes to selecting a assisted pump.It is designed to provide the best results in the safest manner possible, and also offers a variety of sizes and accessories to cater to every penis size and shape imaginable.

Other benefits of using the bathmate

The bathmate claims that it helps grow the penis from 1/2 inch and upwards within 1 -3 months.

After reading many testimonies and reviews of the bathmate permanent length gains chances are low unless used with a jelqing routine. Although temporary gains that can last up to 48 hours are very likely.

Where bathmate seems to be dominate is in the increased girth department. From testimonies, it seems to be safe to say you will most likely see permanent girth gains from solely by using the bathmate.

Selecting the right bathmate

There are a variety of bathmate sizes to select from. So it is important that you select the correct size to maximise the bathmates effectiveness.

Find your size


Can a bathmate cure erectile dysfunction?

There are over 10 years of evidence from unbiased discussions and testimonies in forums claiming that suction devices such as the bathmate may help cure erectile dysfunction and can be used as an aid to increase penis size. Bathmate claims to be a safer alternative erectile dysfunction treatment. This is somewhat true although in irresponsible hands can lead to damage to the penis.

Should you use the bathmate? If you have a healthy lifestyle and focus on natural remedies to cure your ED I would say there is no problem giving a bathmate  a try.

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