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This Website was created to help men RISE and RECLAIM their muscularity, testosterone and libido naturally. In a industry full of sharks I am dedicated to providing you the truth and to shed some light that YOU can take charge of your MUSCULARITY without spending a fortune.
15 10, 2017

Increase penis sensitivity with a fleshlight

By | October 15th, 2017|Misc|0 Comments

Reduced penis sensitivity wont just destroy your sex life it could also destroy you confidence and even lead to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes men are not even aware they have a desensitized penis. Men might gradually [...]

14 10, 2017

Testosterone smoothie recipe and why testosterone supplements dont work

By | October 14th, 2017|Increase testosterone, Nutrition|0 Comments

You know all those dodgy testosterone supplements that claim to boost your testosterone? I am hoping by now you are aware they dont work. And I hope you haven't spent too much on purchasing T [...]

12 10, 2017

What is varicoceles and how does it reduce testosterone

By | October 12th, 2017|Increase testosterone|0 Comments

You may have heard of varicocele previously, the dreadful condition that bloats your testicle(s) and results in pain, infertility, and reduced testosterone. But do you know the truth about this disorder? For example, do you [...]

8 10, 2017

How to increase semen volume with Maca

By | October 8th, 2017|Misc|0 Comments

Believe it or  not your ejaculation volume and distance can be an indication of your health. Yes you will impress the ladies by increasing your load but the reality is every man should be interested in [...]

5 10, 2017

Signs of high and low testosterone levels

By | October 5th, 2017|Featured, Increase testosterone|0 Comments

Think back to the days of early puberty. It seems like forever ago that hair was sprouting under your armpits. Your voice started deepening. Attractions to others started developing. Getting older was an exciting experience. [...]

5 10, 2017

Can Back Pain Cause Erectile Dysfunction (natural remedies to cure back pain)

By | October 5th, 2017|Get Hard, Lifestyle|0 Comments

As men, we put our bodies through a lot of pain. Whether it be benching big numbers at the gym, or helping a buddy move, or carrying around a little one, we try to be [...]

4 10, 2017

Testosterone hacks – 3 surprising ways to boost testosterone

By | October 4th, 2017|Increase testosterone|0 Comments

Testosterone is the staple of any man’s health. But when it comes to boosting it effectively, most folks tend to resort either to powerful supplements or even testosterone injections without thinking too much about the [...]

4 10, 2017

Does Smoking Help Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

By | October 4th, 2017|Get Hard, Lifestyle|0 Comments

Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences a human being can have. Unfortunately erectile dysfunction (ED) can have a devastating effect on this experience. This robs a man of his pleasures. And if you [...]

2 10, 2017

Can sprints increase human growth hormone?

By | October 2nd, 2017|Fitness|0 Comments

Whenever you hear of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the news, it’s usually in a negative context and associated with cheating in a sport of some sort. However, HGH isn’t just some illegal supplement than [...]

29 09, 2017

Adrenal fatigue and testosterone

By | September 29th, 2017|Increase testosterone, Reduce Cortisol|0 Comments

What happens when you lift too much weight or walk for a really long time? Your muscles get tired. Similarly, when an endocrine gland in your body is forced to produce an abnormally high amount [...]