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About Me

When I was 25  I experienced low testosterone and libido levels . It was one of the most frustrating and confusing  years of my life.

You see I when I left the military I was extremely fit, healthy with high Libido levels as every young man should have. But when I started a new management job in the civilized world or you could say when I joined the “rat race.” My health declined thanks to 14 hour work days, sleeping less than 5 hours a night, and no social life.

After around 5 months at my new job I experienced most signs of low T including embarrassing ED problems. I was confused  because I thought I was too young and healthy to experience low T  and libido levels.

Boy was I wrong.  It took me a couple months to figure out what the problem was. I researched every solution on how to increase my Testosterone and libido levels. I eventually managed to reclaim my libido and health all while sleeping less than 6 hours a night and working 14 hour days.

I cracked the code, reclaimed my libido and sex life.

After a while, I changed jobs to one that supported a healthier lifestyle. I thought to myself if I experienced low T and libido problems at age 25 how many other men are experiencing the same problems.  This is where I got the idea to create this website and to share my knowledge with the aim of helping other men who are experiencing the same problems.

This website is dedicated to helping men reclaim their libido and youth the natural way.

1511, 2017

Does Muira Puama increase sex drive

By | November 15th, 2017|Categories: Herbal Remedies, Increase Libido, Supplements|0 Comments

Muira puama (also known as Marapuama) is the indigenous name for what science refers to as Ptychopetalum olacoides, a plant native to the Amazon rainforest. Visually resembling a bush, it can grow up to a [...]

1211, 2017

selenium and testosterone

By | November 12th, 2017|Categories: Increase testosterone, Nutrition|0 Comments

Although it is a vital element, not much is heard about selenium. This chemical aids in many functions within the body, including the creation of enzymes that serve as precursors to testosterone production. When absorbed [...]

811, 2017

Brazilian sex herb catuaba

By | November 8th, 2017|Categories: Herbal Remedies, Increase Libido, Supplements|0 Comments

When it comes to combating a decreased libido, there are many herbal remedies that you can try before you discover which one will best compliment your needs. Ever since the indigenous Tupi people of Brazil [...]