Testosterone is commonly associated with masculinity and it is commonly referred to as the male hormone, even though women produce it in smaller amounts. This hormone is responsible for everything from the deeper voices that men have to the development of lean muscle mass.

There are countless studies that have proven that women find men with traits of high testosterone more attractive. You don’t need to read studies to know this. You can just see the signs all around us. Just look at the physical traits of men in star roles in the moves or athletes, models and in general, those bad ass mother fu*$ers achieving extraordinary things.

Women will gravitate towards men with traits of high testosterone.

So what are some of these traits that make these men more attractive?

1: More Lean Muscle

You don’t need me to tell you women find muscular men more attractive. You don’t need to look like a bodybuilder you just have to look better than the average guy.

There are two side benefits of increased muscle mass. The first benefit is the fact that the body will burn more calories. It is estimated that the body burns approximately 50 calories per day for every pound of lean muscle that is present. This is prior to any exercise or activity. The second benefit is increased strength. As the body adds muscle, the person will get stronger.

Testosterone is essential to the development of lean muscle mass. This increase in muscle mass is accomplished through a biological process known as protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process by which amino acids are converted to proteins by recruiting ribosomal RNA, messenger RNA, transfer RNA and a number of other enzymes. Testosterone serves as a catalyst for protein synthesis, the higher testosterone levels are in the body, the greater the effect of protein synthesis. It is simply impossible to develop lean muscle mass without this process.

2: Odour

You dont need any fancy high-end perfume to smell attractive to women, apparently according to a new study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior reveals that women find masculine men sexier during ovulation – all because of the testosterone-filled scent they give off.

Researchers tested how a woman’s sexual scent preference changed using male volunteers who were given T-shirts to wear for two consecutive nights – and prohibited from using scented soaps or detergents.


The men, who were each measured for hormone levels of testosterone and cortisol, were also banned from drinking or smoking; and eating garlic, onion, strong cheeses and other pungent foods. Female volunteers in various stages of their menstrual cycles than sniffed the men’s shirts, and on a scale from one to ten, rated the pleasantness, sexiness and intensity of the smells.

Women at a higher fertile stage in their cycle rated shirts as having the most pleasant and sexiest smell when higher levels of testosterone were detected.

3: Chiseled Jawline

Don’t underestimate the value of having a chiseled jawline. It usually indicates that you have a decent toned body. Jawlines and symmetrical faces are found to be related to desirable qualities such as high testosterone, good health, and high intelligence.

Scientists also believe that high testosterone levels responsible for the men with this facial feature may have strong immune systems and therefore be a good catch from a genetic perspective hence they will be more attractive to women.

Quick fix

Your face stores fat which varies depending on each person. Drop below 12% body fat to start really losing fat from your face. 1 to 2kg of weight loss can create a dramatic difference.

 If you are overweight you can grow a beard to create the illusion of not having such a puffy face and of having higher testosterone. This option would mean the beard would be there to stay or until you lose some body fat. Just do yourself a favor and lose the extra body fat

4: A Deeper voice

A study from McMasterUniversity has found that women are more attracted to men who have deep voices. Testosterone elongates the vocal chords and deepens the voice during puberty.

You don’t have a deep voice

That’s okay you can actually change the pitch of your voice.

Below is a great video By Elliot Hulse on how to deepen your voice with some simple exercises.

From personal experience, I have been able to change the pitch of my voice by doing Bikram yoga regularly. I figured this out by accident, I already had a deep voice but after a session of bikram yoga someone asked me a question and I answered them to my surprise my voice sounded very deep ” which shocked me” .  I ended up talking to myself on the way home fascinated with my new voice.

Breathing with your upper chest and throat gives you a nasal, high pitch voice because you are putting too much pressure on your vocal chords. I believe learning how to breathe with your diaphragm takes that pressure off the vocal chords. If you are like me and never learned how to breathe with it you can try doing yoga regularly, in my case I was doing bikram which forced me to breathe in deep and with a combination of stretching this can allow your diaphragm to be stretched and relaxed, allowing for a deep-toned voice. “This is just a theory of mine”.



5: Leaner body

Men with high testosterone levels have the ability to shred fat from the abdominal area with more ease. Also, men that are overweight tend to have higher estrogen levels, which is what us men don’t want.

The average male is 176 cm tall and weighs 85.2kg with a waistline of 37.8 inches. A waistline of 37.8 inches is massive in my opinion, I don’t know many healthy guys with a waistline of 37 inches. Aim for anywhere between 32 to 34 inches and it will dramatically change your appearance. If you look healthier you will generally be healthier.


For the person who is struggling with maintaining a healthy weight, it will be important to pay attention here. Testosterone plays an immensely vital role in assisting the body in regulating glucose levels, insulin, and fat metabolism. As testosterone levels decrease, the body’s ability to effectively regulate insulin, fat metabolism and glucose decline symmetrically with testosterone levels. The decline in efficiency in this area causes the accumulation of adipose tissue, better known as fat. To further exacerbate the issue, the added fat on the body negatively impacts the production of testosterone, creating that vicious cycle of gaining weight and lowering testosterone levels.

Any man who is facing the need to shed unwanted weight will need to focus on increasing their testosterone levels. Without the increased testosterone their efforts to lose weight will become an exercise in futility.

Men who participated in testosterone therapy have reported experiencing significant decreases in body fat percentage. Most of this was accomplished as a direct side effect, completely without intent or effort.

I  think I have just given you another 5 reasons why you should be obsessed with your testosterone levels. There are so many positive traits to having high testosterone it would be crazy to ignore them. Become more attractive and confident by focusing on the 5 traits mentioned above and Luckily for you the 5 traits I mentioned above can be improved starting from today. If you are not sure where to start visit our testosterone section on the website.