habits that are killing your sex drive

In today’s society, many men fall into society’s dogma of more is better. “More money, more women, more success, more power, work more, spend more, sacrifice more and I think I should stop there”.

With this approach to life men usually, find themselves trapped and fixed into a lifestyle that may not be the best for their health mentally and physically.

Yet again you have been taught to believe real men go for more and don’t settle for less. If you have chosen this lifestyle that is completely fine “‘each to their own”.

Though I believe this approach to life Is completely ego driven and will come at a cost, ”The cost being your health”. Some habits forced by a lifestyle without balance will lead to a decrease in libido due to a decline in testosterone levels and an increase in cortisol levels. Here are some habits that could be contributing to your poor sex drive.

5 Habits that are killing your sex drive

1: Sleeping too little

In this modern day our lifestyles can be hectic and completely insane, men are pressured to achieve as much as they can In a short period of time. This act of achieving more may eat up into your precious sleeping time.

There is a reason 8 hours of sleep a day is recommended. I am not going to lie I used to be one of those guys that use to work 14 hours and sleep only around 5 hours a night if lucky. I learned my lesson the hard way. Take it from me, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night.

A recent study by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found testosterone levels dropped significantly in men who don’t get enough sleep—equivalent to aging 10-15 years. The study analyzed 10 healthy, lean guys, averaging around 24 years old. When deprived of sleep, their testosterone levels dropped by a whopping 10-15%.

Sleep is the most important factor when it comes to improving your libido levels and overall health. Don’t let your ego get in the way of a good night’s sleep.


2: Long Distance running

So maybe some of you have managed to take running to the extreme as well. Long durance cardio sessions such as long distance running can actually decrease your testosterone levels. This is because extremely long cardio sessions can cause an elevation in cortisol levels which can cause the production of testosterone to decrease.

One study proved that high-volume runners, age not mentioned, had lower T levels than moderate-volume runners, and the difference was rather large.

A study even proved that at rest, testosterone appears to be lower in the endurance-trained male than in the untrained male. (Study)

If you are still looking for another source of cardio do sprints instead. High-intensity interval training has proven to cause short bursts of testosterone levels during and after your workout. This provides your body with less stress and more chance to recover and repair at a faster rate all while burning fat long after your workout.

3: You work indoors / Sit on your ass all day

We just aren’t really structured to be sitting for such long periods of time, and when we do that, our body just kind of goes into shutdown. One study found that men who reported more than 23 hours a week of sedentary activity had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than those who reported less than 11 hours a week of sedentary activity. And many of these men routinely exercised. Our cardiovascular health is vital to our libido levels, good circulation means greater blood flow throughout the body and that’s including your penis!

Our bodies are not designed to be sitting for long periods of time. There is a reason we contain the testosterone hormone we are meant to be active lifting shit, running, chasing, jumping, mating, surviving and just, in general, being a bad ass. To tackle this problem a lot of companies are now purchasing standing office tables for their employees. You can even get one for your home as they are pretty affordable.

Working indoors all day actually will deprive you of sun exposure as well which provides you with some precious vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for proper growth and functioning of your bones, muscles, and nerves. Scientists now believe it also influences how the testes work. Consuming vitamin D in doses of 3000-5000 IU per day for a year will likely increase the testosterone by about 25 percent in men with low T levels according to studies.


4: Too much alcohol

So you have worked hard and its time to enjoy yourself with some booze, but of course not in moderation, right? Consuming alcohol excessively is linked to several health problems, such as liver disease, but it also has a dramatic impact on sperm count and testosterone levels. Heavy drinking prevents your body from producing free testosterone. This can also have a negative effect on your natural GH (growth hormone) levels. Both hormones are needed to build muscle and shed body fat and vital for healthy libido levels. If you hinder those hormones, you can pretty much forget having a lean muscular physique and a high sex drive.

Along with demolishing testosterone levels, excessive drinking can also have an impact on estrogen, and it’s not going to be the impact you want. Estrogen levels can actually increase with heavy drinking. This will kill your body’s ability to produce testosterone even more and can lead to a substantial increase in body fat and yes maybe some man boobs.

5: Low-fat diets

You have seen those ripped men everywhere and according to the media, they are the ideal figure and what every woman desires. So some of you may have been following some poor nutritional advice to help get some 6 pack abs. I know I did when I was young, I jumped on the typical low-fat high protein diet and how mislead I was.

Jumping onto a low fat diet is bad idea especially if you value your sex drive

This is because essential fats such as the Omega 3 fatty acids and saturated fats are essential for normal testosterone production. All steroid hormones are produced from cholesterol and when fats are deficient in the diet, this process will be inhibited. Studies clearly indicate that low-fat diets result in lower testosterone levels. Those higher in protein, lower in carbohydrate, and moderate in fat cause the greatest sustained levels of testosterone.

An issue with eating vast amounts of fat-indulged resources is that the possibility of increasing your body fat percentage. But that’s okay you don’t need to be shredded. Sitting around 10 to 15 percent body fat is the ideal for your health. And yes you can still have visible abs at 10% body fat.

Ditch those bad Habits

Stopping a habit can take a great amount of willpower and energy. Try to focus on removing one bad habit at a time even if it takes weeks or months to do so. The idea is to listen to your body and put your health as number one priority and Once you do achieve optimal health, libido and energy levels you wouldn’t want to live any other way. Don’t become trapped in societies dogma of achieving more at the cost of your health.