4 uncommon ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Tired of all the same old advice when it comes to curing erectile dysfunction and increasing erection quality? Well, maybe it’s time to try some different remedies. These uncommon remedies are effective and have been proven to increase erection quality and improve overall sexual health. See which one of these remedies fits best into your lifestyle or if you want super fast results why not try all of them.

The Yin and Yang of Erectile Dysfunction

Ancient Chinese philosophers believe that yin and yang play a great role in one’s sexual energy.  Interestingly enough around 2500 BC, a textbook of traditional Chinese medicine listed a potion of 22 ingredients that were used to help the emperor bed, 1,200 women. (“I will do my best to find  out more about this potion for you guys lol”.)

Okay back on topic, according to traditional Chinese medicine certain internal organs such as the kidney, liver, and heart can determine the strength or weakness of men’s sexual function. They believed the kidneys are one of the major organs to support the body’s sexual function by storing essence (Jing). If you ejaculate too often you can deplete your levels of “Jing”. How do you know if you are ejaculating too much?

Here are some signs of depleted Jing

  • Blurred vision
  • Sore lower back
  • Weak Knees
  • frequent urination
  • blurred vision

These are all signs of kidney deficiency, so if you have any of these symptoms I would recommend trying some traditional Chinese herbs and going for an acupuncture to help restore your natural energy balance.

Traditional herbs such as Korean red ginseng and horny goat weed  are common herbs used by traditional Chinese remedies for balancing energy within the body and improving sexual health.

Qigong practices is another way to help heal the energy systems within the body. Or if you like an easier approach you can try acupuncture which also is used as part of traditional Chinese remedies to treat erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps

Yes you read right, if you think penis pumps are taboo that’s fine. But according to research and testimonies  Penis pumps can help blood circulation within the penis.

Penis pumps have come along way but still should be used with caution. Penis  pumps such as the bathmate work by expanding the chambers within the penis allowing more blood to circulate through the chambers of the penis causing harder and bigger erections.

The introduction of water based penis pumps have improved the safety of these devices. I have never used one but I have done a  large amount of research on penis enlargement forums and there seems to be a large number of men claiming that the bathmate also increases length and girth of the penis.

It is recommended you only try the bathmate if you have mild erection dysfunction. If you have complete erectile dysfunction I would stay away as it could make it worse. Also if the sensitivity of your penis is lacking I would also stay away from penis pumps as they can cause a loss of sensitivity of the penis (which is not permanent though).

My rule of thumb for any exercise that we use to stress the body such as gym, kegels and using penis pumps I recommend a minimum of 3 rest days per week. Even if they recommend practicing these exercises every day I would say that is overdoing it.

Studies proved that 9 out of 10 men who use penis pumps are able to gain an erection regardless of the cause of ED apparently. (I have yet to find this study though?)

The worlds most popular penis pumps are 100% supportive of their claims and even provide a 60 day refund policy.  So if you have the curiosity to give one a try I am sure you would come to a conclusion within 60 days right? (60 day refund offer link)


Traditional Chinese Herbs

As long ago as 2500 BCE, Chinese medical textbooks extolled the use of herbs to treat erectile dysfunction. In fact, herbs are still used today in efforts to treat erectile dysfunction, or in attempts to increase libido. Research is starting to prove the benefits of these herbs.

But do we really need Science to prove what history already knows?

Here are some of the benefits of using traditional Chinese herbs

  • increases testosterone levels
  • increased libido levels
  • increase blood flow to the penis
  • improve overall health
  • restore ying and yang energy within the body
  • treat erectile dysfunction

To get started check out this post out (Top 7 herbs that increase sex drive).

Do Sprints

It has been proven that high-intensity training increases the production of growth hormone and testosterone levels. Even though this spike is temporary it can help with building muscle, preventing muscle loss, burning fat and at keeping cortisol levels low.

If you are a newbie to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) involves repeated bouts of high-intensity work followed by periods of recovery.

A popular study by Anthony Hackney from the University of North Carolina & colleagues came to the conclusion that that high-intensity interval training resulted in a greater turnover rate of free testosterone with a minimum increase of cortisol levels.

HIIT has been proven to:

  • Raise testosterone levels and human growth hormone
  • Burn burn fat
  • Raise your metabolism
  • Be a form of cardio with a minimum effect on cortisol levels

There was a study that proved that a 30 second all-out effort cycle sprint increased HGH by 530% over resting baseline.  And the 30 second sprint produced a response 450% greater than the lesser intensity sprints (study link). So with that study in mind a recommend HIIT session would look something like this:

  • 4 sets of 30 second sprints with full recovery in between sets
  • No more than 3 times a week

The higher your testosterone levels are the higher your libido will be. They reflective each other and can be an indicator of your overall health. HIIT can wonders for your overall sexual health and should be done at least 2 to 3 times a week.

For a complete guide on how sprints can skyrocket your testosterone levels and the best way to utilize this exercise I highly recommend reading  “anabolic running” ebook.


There are many natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction and increase your libido levels. Instead of getting confused with all these confusing studies I suggest starting by forming new habits and keep it simple. For the next 3 weeks do 3 HIIT sessions per week, consume one of these herbs daily, sleep 7 to 9 hours a night, do kegels 3 times a week, avoid certain foods and focus on not stressing out (reducing cortisol levels). I guarantee you will see results and once you form these new habits can form more habits and keep improving your erection quality, testosterone and libido levels.