4 teachings from “The Tao of Sexology” that can improve your sex life

The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom

In  Dr Chang’s book “The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom” we are informed that the average ejaculation depletes the man, leaving insufficient energy to fully satisfy the woman. Dr Chang is well-versed in Taoism, and the techniques he presents not only enhance the sex life for both men and women but improve health in general.

Sex energy is often likened to fire because it can consume or transform. Due to ignorance, many people are consumed by their sex energy. Dr Chang shows us effective ways of using sex energy to transform ourselves into more complete and dynamic human beings. A good feature is that the theories behind the techniques are explained. The practices are safe and effective if executed correctly. This book, together with Dr Chang’s `The Complete System of Self-Healing,’ offers time-honored health practices that boost our wellbeing.

I remember reading this book about 4 years ago. It was the first time I learned about “nofap” and practices like “jelquing” and “injaculation”. Which was Hilarious only because it’s so different from western ideology. Even though most of the ideas are seemingly absurd they are plausible and are becoming more and more popular in today’s society.

So till this day I still practice valuable ideas promoted throughout this book. Here are 4 takeaways from the book you can start using today. Of course, you could just read the book (The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom).

Reduce Ejaculation for increased energy and improved vitality

In this book, Stephen T. Chang discussed how semen retention has great importance to one’s vitality and health. Here is a passage from the book:

Conservation of sexual energy is the first principle of cultivation. Ejaculation of the male seed for purposes other than having children is a wasteful loss of an extremely precious treasure. The energy loss over long periods of time weakens the physical health of the male, can lead to unconscious emotional anger towards women and gradually robs the male higher mind/spirit of it’s power to rejuvenate itself. For this reason many traditional spiritual orders in the world require male celibacy. Taoists accept sexual love as natural and healthy, but know the momentary pleasure of genital orgasm with ejaculation is superficial compared to the profound ecstasy possible when love is enjoyed without the loss of the powerful male seed. It’s every man’s birthright to have full control over his bodily functions and prevent this loss.

But wait you’re probably thinking why I am reading this I’m here for tips on how to increase testosterone levels. Well, semen retention can actually increase testosterone. A fairly recent study from China shows that semen retention increases testosterone levels by 45.7% after 7 days. This validates the Taoist teaching which states “It takes 8 days for a man over the age of 35 eight days to recover from one ejaculation.”

You don’t have to turn into a ‘Taoist” but limiting your ejaculation to once every 7 to 14 days would be a wise decision.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have an orgasm. Taoist teach a method called “injaculation” which is where they have an orgasm but without ejaculating. They do this by pushing a pressure point called “the million dollar spot”. Does it work? I don’t know I have never tried it to be honest. And there are no studies to prove the technique works at directing the semen into the blood stream. Most people believe the semen just enters your bladder and exits the body when you urinate.

Use of herbal remedies to increase sexual health and vitality

Taoist practice Chinese herbology and ancient Asian healing practices. A majority of the herbs they recommend to help increase sex drive and vitality are also mentioned throughout this website. It is no surprise a majority of these herbs have been used by millions throughout the past couple thousand years. If you are interested in herbal remedies check out these posts.

Jelqing and numbing your dick

It’s funny how jelqing has such a bad reputation and is sort of taboo. But in this book, it is preached obviously to make your member bigger and increase blood flow allowing you to give your women more pleasure. They even mention how we should numb our a dick a little to decrease sensitivity allowing us to last longer in bed. They do this If I remember correctly by slapping their penis on the side of their leg a couple times in a routine manner. Regular masturbation can also numb the penis. But be careful of that “death grip” you don’t want your penis too numb.

Don’t be a selfish lover and cherish the yin and yang energy

Taoist believe

The concept of Yin and yang is important in Taoism, and consequently also holds special importance in sex. Yang usually referred to the male sex, whereas Yin could refer to the female sex. Man and Woman were the equivalent of heaven and earth, but became disconnected. Therefore, while heaven and earth are eternal, man and woman suffer a premature death. Every interaction between Yin and Yang had significance. Because of this significance, every position and action in lovemaking had importance. Taoist texts described a large number of special sexual positions that served to cure or prevent illness.

This book goes into depth on sexual positions and how each position can be used to transfer energy and connect with your partner. But to get the most benefit out of these positions we must be able to delay ejaculation and allow the women to have multiple orgasms and experience our full energy.


 The ideas in this book are a bit out of the norm but highly effective. It will give you a new look at sexuality and the workings of the human body and its organs. I Would recommend this book to anyone who may has concerns or questions regarding sexual problems or lovemaking.