I owe it to my subscribers and want to save you from some confusion and most importantly save you from sending money down the drain.

If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone levels you may be feeling frustrated, depressed and desperate for a solution. Testosterone levels are a reflection of your overall health. If you have low T levels there is a good chance you might have poor health.

I am going to share with you 3 big testosterone myths to help you on your T boosting journey.

Myth 1: You are too young to have low testosterone levels

While being the age of 40 and above means there is a greater probability of having low testosterone levels, it can also occur in men who are in their 30’s or even 20’s.

Regardless of your age, low testosterone symptoms include:

  • sleep disturbances
  • persistent fatigue
  • brain fog
  • Depression
  • erectile dysfunction, or problems having or maintaining an erection
  • fewer spontaneous erections
  • decreased libido or sexual activity
  • infertility
  • rapid hair loss
  • reduced muscle mass
  • increased body fat
  • enlarged breasts

These symptoms sound depressing, right?

Depressing as it looks, many of us probably know someone who suffers from one or more of these symptoms. Usually, if you dissect their lifestyle you will find the roots of their testosterone problems, mostly in the form of poor lifestyle choices.

Contributing factors in young men include:

  • high cholesterol levels
  • high blood pressure
  • being overweight or obese
  • drinking excessive alcohol
  • using illegal drugs
  • using anabolic steroids
  • taking certain prescription medications
  • Excess ejaculation

According to the Urology Care Foundation, low Testosterone can be found in:

  • 40% of men with high cholesterol
  • 50% of men with diabetes
  • 50% of men with obesity
  • 75% of men with chronic narcotic abuse

Do you see a common trend?

The contributing factors, in most cases, are linked to poor health not age, which is a byproduct of the person’s lifestyle choices. This is with the exception of men who suffer from testosterone illnesses such as male hypogonadism. If you have not been diagnosed with a testosterone illness, your lifestyle choices are most likely the reason your testosterone levels have remained in or out of balance.

Take a look at your life; do your lifestyle choices reflect on your health, sex drive, energy levels and testosterone levels?

Myth 2: You cant be super lean and have high testosterone levels

Can you have a six pack and still have healthy testosterone levels and a high sex drive? Yes of course you can but to a certain extent. Yes if you lose too much body fat for example dropping below 8% body fat it will play havoc on your hormones and you will experience low t levels.

The good news is you can still have a killer body while carrying around  8 to 12% body fat. By dropping to this body fat percentage you may actually increase your T production and experience a new heighten sex drive.

Body fat has a negative impact on T production 

Aromatase Enzyme activity is increased by fat mass: Aromatase is an enzyme that helps convert masculine hormones such as testosterone and DHT into estrogen. What this means is that the higher fat mass you have the greater Aromatase Enzyme activity therefor resulting in more production of estrogen. Estrogen is associated as a hormone that attributes to feminine characteristics.

Fat Belly diminishes DHT: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the strongest male hormones that determines characteristics such as muscle development, hair growth, a deep voice and sex drive. DHT is also responsible for having the ability to inhibit the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which means less estrogen production which is what we want.

High cortisol levels are associated with obesity: When the stress hormone “cortisol” rises testosterone production reduces. Carrying around excess body fat has proven to increase cortisol levels. This study shows that people with higher waist to hip ratios excrete higher amount of cortisol.

For more information on how excess body fat contributes to low T production check out this post (Testosterone and obesity).

One of the best methods to keep your fat percentage low while increasing T production and keeping your hormone levels stabilized is by using intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is one of the superior ways to keep lean while maintain healthy T production and high sex drive. There are many reasons that make this possible which are backed by numerous studies.

For example this study performed with a group of non-obese men who performed short fasts has shown that the fasts elevated their LH (luteinizing hormone which is responsible for the production of testosterone) by 67%, and also raised their overall testosterone by a whooping 180%.

For more amazing ways to help boost T levels while losing fat check out my popular post (How to increase testosterone levels while losing weight).

 Myth 3: Testosterone supplements work

When I mention testosterone boosters I am discussing the typical products you find in your local supplement store, or see promoted on the internet.

I would say 90% of testosterone supplements don’t work. There are many reasons for this which will be discussed in more detail.

  1. Your T levels are already at a high level
  2. Most products contain poor quality ingredients and inefficient quantity of ingredient dosage
  3. Nearly all products have not been proven in control studies.
  4. Some products contain fake ingredients

Your T levels are already at a high level: If you have already maximized your T levels there is nothing you can do to further increase your T production. That’s the truth full stop! Once you reach your genetic limit that’s it. Trying any further supplements will be just doing your wallet injustice. There may be a chance you haven’t maximized your T production but there are many more methods to do so that are more reliable than taking T booster supplements.

Most products contain poor quality ingredients and contain inefficient quantity of ingredient dosage: When testosterone supplement companies claim the they have clinical studies that claim that there products boost T production, what they really mean is that they have proof of studies that have proven that certain ingredients in the supplement work not the actual product itself.

Supplement companies are very good at distorting the truth. For example a T boosting supplement may contain 20% horny goat weed and 80% Maca root. They will provide claims that horny goat weed has been clinically proven to increase T production which is some what true. But what they wont tell you is that in order for horny goat weed to be effective you need to consume it in an extract form containing 60% Icariin. And obviously their product does not contain this instead it will contain a cheaper form of horny goat weed containing close to 0% Icariin.

Distorting the truth is what supplement companies do best.

Nearly all products have not been proven in control studies: I have yet to seen a typical T booster supplement provide clinical studies done on the actual product. Instead what we see is companies stealing claims from other studies about certain ingredients that the product may contain. The exception is pure strength herbal extracts which seem to be the most reliable form of T boosters supplements.

Quick Tip: One of the most effective T booster supplements is not your typical body building supplement but instead an old fashion reliable multivitamin. For more info check out this post (Can multivitamins boost testosterone production – Micronutrient deficiency and testosterone).

Some products contain fake ingredients: The testosterone industry is a 2 billion dollar industry. A majority of T boosters are promoted by liar drug abusers. The industry is full of sharks so obviously there are companies that will take advantage of vulnerable men and provide supplements with fake ingredients. If you don’t think this is true you need a wake-up call. That’s why I usually recommend Hebral extracts as the quality can actually be examined in person.

In Summary

There is a lot of miss information and sharks lurking in the testosterone industry. Believe it or not men that fall victim to the industry are usually men who have healthy T levels. If your T levels are not at their peak there are many natural methods you can use to increase them. If you are not sure if you have low T levels you should visit this post (10 signs you have low testosterone and libido levels) and it is recommenced that you get your T levels checked by a doctor.

Kind Regards, Antonio Ferraro