There are many factors involved in a male achieving optimal health. Men need the right production of testosterone to shed fat and get shredded with muscles. They desire the stamina and cardiovascular strength needed to please in the bedroom…not to mention the libido necessary to get you both in the room, to begin with.

There is one herb that is the root of all your answers. That root is the actual root of the plant, ginseng. These plants were first recorded for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine back in 100 A.D. Perhaps the most versatile of these ancient herbs is Korean red ginseng.

Since the beginning of time, Korean red ginseng has been used to improve heart health and stress. In later years, the root has been linked to improving sperm production and lowering cholesterol. Being so versatile, it is no wonder why Korean red ginseng has been dubbed the “King of Herbs.”

Quick History of Ginseng

To understand why ginseng, and in particular Korean red ginseng, is the perfect herb to add to any man’s supplemental routine, you must understand the plant itself.

As you have probably deduced by the fact that we have shined a light on Korean red ginseng in particular, the term “ginseng” is a broad description that covers almost a dozen different species of plants. All ginseng falls under the genus, Panax. The term Panax comes from the Greek language, deriving from the word “Panakos,” which translates to “All cure.”

Largely grown in North America and in some parts of Asia, ginseng is available to the public in a variety of forms. You can consume it dried, sliced, or whole. The leaves can be seeped in teas and the roots can be cooked or grated to form a powder that’s sold as pills.

In pharmacies and supermarkets across the world, there are typically two types of ginseng readily available.

  • American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium)

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American ginseng would be the “ying” to the “yang,” for American Ginseng has more cooling properties than its counterpart.  This particular genus is ideal for those who feel fatigued from being in high-stress environments. American ginseng is more apt to enhance memory, calm the nerves, and allow for moments of clarity.

  • Asian/Chinese/Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

This type of ginseng has more a “yang” effect. These are warming qualities that include improved blood circulation, increasing blood supply, and aiding in recovery. It boosts a person’s endurance and stamina.  Most of these benefits are concerns of the everyday male. Therefore, Korean red ginseng is the perfect routine supplement for males.

Whether it is American ginseng or Korean red ginseng, plants under the Panax genus all have therapeutic properties that can be attributed to the fact that ginseng is a known adaptogen. That means that ginseng has the ability to increase the body’s resistance to stress, and improve overall physical and mental health.

Here are 10 ways that Korean red ginseng has positive effects on male health.

Improves Erections

One of the biggest insecurities males face is erectile dysfunction. Not only does a man enjoy the immense pleasure he feels when he is making love, but he also loves to see his partner left pleased as well. As men age, the blood flowing through their arteries have a harder time reaching every part of their body. Through years of eating vein-clotting foods, lack of exercise, or poor health, the pathways are inevitably going to become at least somewhat clogged.

The best way to unclog those pipes is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide works as a vasodilator, which means that these gases open up the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely. This includes the blood reaching the penis. Ginseng is proven to boost nitric oxide production within the body. Therefore, it has a hand in improving erections.

Boosts Stamina

Another trademark of pleasing your lover in the bedroom is being able to go the distance. Stamina becomes much more problematic as we age. There is a litany of reasons for that such as poor cardiovascular health or lack of blood flow. Just as Korean red ginseng can help with the lack of blood flowing to the penis and cardiovascular health, it can also boost stamina.

Out of all the ginseng available, Korean red ginseng has particularly high amounts of Rg1 ginsenosides. These chemicals are known to have stimulating effects on the body. In fact, one study with mice found that those injected with Rg1 ginsenosides had “significantly increased mounting and pelvic thrusting frequency.” Therefore, Korean red ginseng is an ideal supplement for those looking to boost their bedroom stamina.

Increases Libido

With confidence growing in the bedroom area, men’s libidos will naturally increase. They have less stress making them insecure about going in to seal the deal. A double blind study in Korea found that men using ginseng saw improvements in their performance and overall pleasure. These results led to the male participants’ sex drive increasing as well.

Lowers Stress

Although American ginseng is more synonymous with lowering stress, all Panax species having the ability to lower stress. As noted before, red Korean ginseng contains Rg1 ginsenosides. These chemicals have been shown to provide mental clarity. In moments of stress, red Korean ginseng can provide alertness and fight off anxiety.

Decreases Cholesterol

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ginseng can increase the good cholesterol (HDL), while lowering the bad cholesterol (HDL). Supplementing ginseng with healthy fats such as hemp oil, walnuts, and chia seeds can help you shred off the extra weight while giving the body the fats and omegas necessary to create definition in the muscles.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Decreasing cholesterol is optimal for improving your cardiovascular health. We’ve also established that Korean red ginseng opens up pathways for blood. That is not only helpful for the penis, but it does a great service for the heart as well. Lastly, the increase in endurance and boost in stamina will also work toward improving heart health. Your heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out too. Increased stamina will allow you to push through those exhausting days on the treadmill that is pivotal for a strong heart.

Strengthens Immune System

As we noted earlier, what makes Korean red ginseng such an important herb is the fact that this root is an adaptogen. Adaptogen-based herbs boost white blood cell production. These are the worker cells in the bloodstream that clean out all the dead cells and unknown pathogens that can bring on illness or grow into cancers.

Reduces Muscle Fatigue

A study with rats found that those who were given ginseng had significantly reverted GL and CK activity.” GL and CK stands for plasma glucose and creatine kinase respectively. GL causes glucose to enter the bloodstream, which results in diabetes. Lowering the GL helps fight off diabetes forming.

While that is also a plus of red Korean ginseng, we are looking to shed a light on ginseng’s ability to curb creatine kinase production. CK is an enzyme that grows when muscle damage occurs. So, when men work out and are putting stress on their muscles, CK production leads to muscle pain and may result in injury. Luckily, the chemical properties of red Korean ginseng can combat muscle fatigue.

Increases Sperm Production

In an abstract provided for a study with ginseng, researchers found that in “studies in both rodents and humans have shown that ginseng can increase sperm count.” Studies have confirmed that ginseng can help in the production of CREM protein/mRNA. Other studies link infertility to those who have lowering production levels of CREM protein/mRNA.

Heightens Testosterone

We come full circle as it all comes back to the nitric oxide. Having an erection is a natural way for a man to boost his testosterone. Combining that with the open flow of blood through the arteries allows for the brain to produce hormones accordingly. Testosterone is one of those hormones. With increased testosterone, a man’s sex drive will be healthier, his workouts will last longer, and his muscles will become more defined.

Improve Your Life with Korean Red Ginseng

There are many supplements available worldwide that make men many promises. Although they may work, they come with a litany of side effects that will negatively affect other aspects of your life. Why not invest in your health by using an all-natural approach that covers many bases?

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Korean red ginseng is a versatile root that’s been used since the dawn of man. It has a proven track record to change the lives of many men. Using this herb can improve your sex life, your workouts, and your overall health. Taking Korean red ginseng everyday can alleviate the concerns of the everyday man.