The Fall Of Muscularity The Trend Of Declining Testosterone Levels

By Antonio

Men used to seem bigger back in the day. They also seemed more confident, and they had a swag in their step. Some people agree that they don’t make them like they used to any […]

20 foods that boost testosterone (testosterone diet)

By Antonio

Testosterone is what separates the men from the boys. As a boy goes through puberty, he begins to produce more testosterone. This essential hormone is what leads to the growth of body hair, the production […]

Testosterone and obesity (Does fat decrease testosterone levels?)

By Antonio

Being obese has been proven by numerous of studies to lower  masculine hormones such as Testosterone and DHT. Carrying excess body fat is one of the easiest ways to cause havoc on your hormones. This is a fact. […]

Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Testosterone Levels (Testosterone and fasting)

By Antonio

Maintain or increase your hormonal levels while losing weight by using the superior weight loss method intermittent fasting. If you’ve been reading any recent diet books or blogs you’ve probably stumbled on this term already. […]

How to increase testosterone levels while losing weight (Does dieting reduce testosterone levels?)

By Antonio

There are many solutions to maintaining high testosterone and libido levels while cutting or dieting. Yes, you can actually increase your testosterone levels while losing body fat. In this post I’ll teach you ways you […]

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